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January 26, 2013


And this was just the problem, that US media as real politik in an internal sense, needed all 15 rounds-every single one of them.

But the last US elections as heavy weight prize fight in a most news media sense, was pretty much over when Mutt Romney’s illicit sexual acts came to light as what was known as the “48 percent”.

What with the Caiman island accounts and his foolish handling of his personal taxes, and then finally the 48 percent as most in flagrante delicto, the bout seemed to me to be over.

And it seemed to me at the time, that the Don King of prize fight promotion had on his hands a real problem in his need to deliver on his prize fight empresario promise.

Think of the potential economic disturbance that a limp and lame white boxer as part of the fight dichotomy would have caused to the hype-driven entertainment industry that is mainstream American media today.

Think, also, in the very real embarrassment that was beginning to take form, in this country and around the world, that a US president up for re-election had in fact no serious contender; that the only one he had was clearly a farce as a puppet of de facto economic power who did not seem, based on his (Mutt’s) handling of things, to have ever had any business whatsoever in presenting himself as a presidential candidate in the first place.

And so, as I saw it form my standpoint, Obama got instructions through his manger from the fight promoter to throw the first televised debate against Romney.


But it had to be done, as always is the case, with exquisite care and regard for appearances, especially the little details.

And Obama was stately and presidential, but not sharp; and he held back passively as the white fighter was allowed to show his form, but with no real or serious tactical value.

But it looked good-or at least passable-and it seemed to be enough to keep the full, 15 round fight alive in the semiotic perception of people, which the media depends on, and on which US politics as political and media ritual, now depends on, too.

So, who is this Don King of the boxing world of US political spectacle as moral and consumer fraud?

Personally, I have always been impressed by this individual close at one time to Bill Clinton they called the “Ragin’ Cajun”, and I went ahead and assumed that Don King was some kick ass and savvy political, social and psychological analyst of the American human condition working as campaign director for the good guys (I have always been a Democrat at heart, even when I don’t vote, and except for Eisenhower, the last Republican-in my book, anyway).

So I was comfortable, for a while, with this idea, that Obama’s campaign director, out of a kind of urgency of state, would have found him self actually running both campaigns him self with the purpose of maintaining a certain dignity about this; I mean after the 48% Romney needed air, and it would also not have been appropriate or dignified to have proceeded, Obama and his campaign director, to bury Romney alive, weeks away from the election.

So they didn’t.

You see the problem we got here?

But after certain events, that I have recently written about and because of a new historical perspective I have be drawn into (I am talking about books by George Thayer and Senator Fulbright, and because of some time I was able to spend in the NYT on-line archives); and also because of my now much clearer comprehension of financial models, especially for banks and according to a strictly financial vision of almost any human, economic activity in regards to its diachronic progress as a system through time; and because of my reading of Galbraith’s book, The New Industrial State, coupled with the insight I got about American de facto power historically from Mills and his 1956 book, The Power Elite; and due also, to a better understanding of the question of duplicity, in individuals, organizations and as a cultural mode, also, I have now revised my vision of the last US elections.

And the Don King of boxing promotion as political ritual as spectacle, who was most seriously alarmed, finally, with the 48% sexual escapade on the part of the “Great White Hope” as contender, was not Obama’s campaign manager, although he certainly must have been involved in the course the real Don King finally mapped out and implemented.


Take out piece of paper; start at a point on the paper that shall represent the Lincoln Memorial; draw a straight line to another point that shall represent Arlington Cemetery; between these to points draw a perpendicular line to indicate the Potomac River (and also the state line between DC and VA); then, after that, form a triangle using the next big federal building to the east on the VA side of the Potomac.

That third point in the triangle is where you can find Don King.

That’s Don King’s house, as a matter of fact!

And we are very quickly going to lose our similes and laughter if I feel I need to keep pursing this line of thought, which I certainly do.

Next time, Jimmy The Greek!

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