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January 30, 2013


1)   What is the word we use to describe, for instance, a certain international slant in TV commercials nowadays, in regards to different world English accents (Indian, Irish, Jamaican, Australian, etc) and the use of symbols and contexts that refer to the world culture of globalization, computers and tech savvy individuals from all countries and especially those that make it big as owners or founders of Facebook, Google, Napster or Ebay and the like?

2)   How do you classify direct television advertizing on the part of the US Army that clearly tells a story through the images it uses in its commercials of itself as a kind of redeemer, especially of black men and women, and those with less educational opportunities because they are poor?

3)   What term or concept shall we use for what happened on the 20th of August, 1998 as public presentation of the Monica Lewinski-Tomahawk Missile Attack on Afghanistan and Sudan, and the way the sitting US president, in an address to the Nation on the very day Lewinski answered most candidly Grand Jury juror questions, was presented to us in the subliminal semiotic guise of Zeus, who, as a most promiscuous god can turn himself into a bird to get into the lap of the maiden, and also throw lighting bolts in his divine fury; and that in the Oval Office television presentation of that address, there may have been a background portrait of Teddy Roosevelt as Rough Rider in San Juan, and that this, the whole episode and its public presentation, is hard to imagine with out the control and supervision of US Army psychologists as propaganda experts?

4)   What word or concept can best describe the Federal Government’s funding of bullet proof vests and the intense enforcing, at least on paper, of the mandatory wearing of these vests by potentially every single man and woman in almost all the county and city level police departments in the entire country, as a clear studied and organized effort to get these vests, as standard police uniform, out on to the street and into the public’s contemplation and world ken?

Here are some terms and loose associations I go with:

Black Ops-PsyOps, “mind fuck”, “Pol Pot”, “Pulling a fast one”, “Father figure as pederast”, “Nazi Propaganda Machine” , “Industrial-military-banking complex as governance”, “Haloperidol Democracy”, “The Big Sleep”, or “Bufu Super Bowel Semiotics”-this in regards to points 3) and 4);

1)and 2) you call “advertizing” and are unable to see the sleaziness even in that; but all in all, its about saying, showing and doing whatever it takes to get you to reach for your wallet, as the culture of commerce as social reality, and political governance as Pentagon Democracy itself.

And you just keep on buyin’ it!

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