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February 1, 2013


American Soviet Premier Obama’s second inauguration ceremony looked just like that: a bitterly cold Soviet military parade before the Centrral Kommitee of American capital and finance, which in a political sense gets in articulation through the administrative and semiotic functions of the Pentagon.

And some thick eye-browed American individual, up’er on the podium I took, for a second, to be Andropov, Chernenko, or probably more likely, Brezhnev.

Missing, of course, where the tanks and ICBMs but we had all kina’ clearly subliminal camera shots of soldiers in uniform, both white-and of much a greater semiotic value-black; and legions of uniformed choir singers as soldiers or cadets from Citadel or where the *uck ever, that although not armed, clearly conveyed the exact Pentagon sought semiotic suggestion of military might.

And then some bozo up’er on the podium, in a brief speech that starts off establishing the US as the cradle of world democracy actually says, live and before the world-it should be assumed-the following sentence:

“There is no coup”


And it came across-I’ll have to say, ‘to me’, right, ‘cause you did’t see this, did you?-that as a most serious psychologist that I am, we was before what dey call insecurity, compensation or a form of projection; that what was evident on a psychological or subliminal level somehow had to be denied through language.

After all, this was the presidential inauguration of a couple a civilians as heads of state, yes?

And so as I am in no sense of the term a “leftist radical”, but rather a socialist free market liberal (but you don’t even know the difference between a “Kommi” and a socialist, do you?), I had to pretty much barf, and then begin to think how, in a reasonable and rational way, this could be understood and then explained.

And here it is:

The military ritual that is quite heavy in American life, the deference that is given to veterans, the direct advertising campaigns on the part of the US army; the credit this army gives to itself as social redeemer of the poor and black, the always appallingly biased treatment by Hollywood of the image of the US armed forces-which the Pentagon ensures never strays out of its imposed parameters with regards to that image; the traditional awe in which an American flag is never allowed to touch the ground (even if dat ground be American soil) or that it must be caringly taken down at sunset unless there is a spot light on it; the fact that there are effectively two national military holidays on which we all got to get our buts down to Arlington out there by the outhouse itself (Memorial Day and Verteran’s Day); the fact that almost no political or civic event takes place in this country without some reference or tribute to what dey call “the fallen”; the most seriously distorted use of the concept of “clearance” and state secrets in the “interest of national security”, and the de facto hampering-almost suffocation-of critical civic, or civilian contemplation of power itself, and the most asinine coverage, on the part of most American media of the military as American identity itself, leads you to need to understand, in the words of my Georgia step-father and poor white and poor black trash friends from below the Mason Dixon Line, whaaaaii?

Why, god damit, is this so?

And the reason is, for starters, Nancy Pelosi, and her 8 or 9 million dollars.

The reason is the union of political and de facto economic power in this country, and its union through the Pentagon itself.

And the Pentagon likes consumer society; and the Pentagon in its multiple avatars (like the CIA itself, like the institutionally private enterprise companies of the likes of Lockheed Martin, Rathyeon and Sikorsky and the upper echelon of the American banking system itself) is not going to ever allow serious social change in an evolutionary and transformational sense.

They see things as they stand now as just faaaine.

And basically you just get bought off, if your lucky-and usually Caucasian of the most White persuasion.

But in the Mickey Maus* Club of American politics as media sedation spectacle, you heard voices, the day after the inauguration, of outrage that dis black woman dey call Beyonce would actually fake or lip-sync part of her ceremonial song.

But in my opinion, no self-respecting black person of the negro persuasion should ever have bin there in the first place.

But the protest, on a radio talk show the next day, as the endless and most meaningless banter that you all live off of and in right now, consisted mostly of this personal disgust with being duped, tricked, hoodwinked, bamboozled.

And I says to myself, when I heard dis, “lady, you ain’t got the slightest clue where you livin’!”

And that’s just the way the Pentagon wants it.

But you don’t really want to go any farther, do you?

Because its going to hurt, oh yes.

You need to revise, in regards to this specific matter, American history, after Eisenhower, starting at somewhere around 12 noon, central time, on November 22, 1963.

Or you can just old on to your shitty job, and let the white man deal with it, which he never will; but that probably suits you just faaaaine.

As long as you get your money by next Friday!

You know what I’m sayin’?

(*Know where the spelling comes from!)

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