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February 2, 2013


And because of the narrow-minded and clearly interested vision of life as a job that is ceaselessly imposed on the American psyche, the greatest-most eminent-moral question in regards to the human condition of our time is beyond the realm of contemplation itself:

And that is the heart of capitalism in its current consumer society form, as the  brutal manipulation and exploitation of human physiological and existential need, being human want as psychological leverage over the individual as consumer the original and ultimate power source of society itself in its non-evolutionary permanence through time.

And here we are, in the year 2013, before the most ridiculous and embarrassing situation of understanding-if you just simply think about it-that we work longer and harder than farmers did, just 50 years ago; longer and harder than any individual in pre-industrial societies, and even longer and harder than, probably, Roman or Greek slaves over 2000 years ago!

And you say you like technology, that it is beneficial to humanity!

This may be true in terms of efficiency in systemic, human-economic management, but it is not in regards to the true quality of human life, and as far as human dignity itself.

Because you, all power people of Industrial Consumer Society as it currently exists, are in a situation of a most harrowing moral hazard with respect to the human denigration and suffering imposed on individuals by the world economic system you most unfairly benefit from, although, you are yourselves also victims, in the end, too.

But the moral righteousness you could possible lay claim to as victim, pales, obviously, to the clout, in this sense, of the poor and especially ignorant on whom you place systemic importance.

And this is the key to the moral contemplation as specter that now entreats you.

And its significance, on an ethical and moral level is colossal-comparable, I say in all seriousness, to the historical European Holocaust itself.

And this is exactly, through my work and writing, what I am bringing to your front step and door-of your 1.2 million dollar Virginia, Bethesda, Rye, Orange County or Malibu home.

Say cheese, baby!

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