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February 2, 2013


From a systemic vantage point of society as the macro economic analysis of life itself, poverty is a problem because the poor can’t buy things.

And much in the way the Pentagon saw the problem of dealing with countries that actually couldn’t afford McDonald Douglas jets in the 1960s, and its solution of creating financial products to facilitate and morally sidestep this problem, social analysis in the US and the responses to poverty in the form of charity and in regards, also, to education, generally conceive as a solution the exclusive, and narrow-minded vision of employment as panacea.

And everything in America is about jobs: programs for the homeless, the directive principals of education-especially public of the inner-city variety-the driving force behind political policy and public appeal, the control reference for evaluating mental pathology, the reason for going to Harvard or Princeton now, and for even taking SATs in the first place, and the very definition, according to Americans, of happiness itself.

But put on your Virgil the Rat, Sex Hound as Sleuth thinking cap for a minute and think about why, God damn it, this is so.

And you need to start with observing and understanding the relationship between the different parts of American Consumer Society as Life, and the fact these parts are not just simply juxtaposed, one a long side the other.

I mean do you sincerely believe that as the land of opportunity this place once was, you can be middle class, or own a Porsche and see baseball games in a corporate box, be a simple and happy-black or white-country boy farmer, truck driver or small business owner, maybe a dishwasher or waiter at a restaurant or a McDonald’s manager; or not finish high school, get your master’s or drop out of college; get paid your quarterly dividends as you write your articles in whatever newspaper or scientific journal, bet on your favorite horse down at the track as you scratch your Lucky Number state lottery tickets, watch your porn and/or board corporate Lear jet flights to European (or Asian) capitals-or be forced now to only fly economy class-and that all of these social modes just go into making America what it is and that, still today, any pickaninny as child of any racial persuasion can in fact be the next United States President, as long as he or she has been born in the continental US-Hawaii, Alaska and Guam or of American parents-or just, perhaps father or mother-anywhere in the world?*

But this is just the point: that you cannot look at things as being naturally juxtaposed and co-existent without seeing the relationship of hierarchy, dominance and, in fact, subordination by certain parts over others, and still purport to being considered as responsible by the rest of society.

And this is one of the greatest lies ever-and continuously-told in American culture.

And those sectors of society that tell it, or have it told and circulated as the common denominator of American identity as the melting pot and land of opportunity for the hardworking, are finks in my book, and not the paternal figures of authority they would have you see them as.

Yes, I am talking about the traditional world of WASP cultural influence and its function as center piece within the American banking and finance-[Pentagon]-Political power structure.

And this power structure, AKA: “Corporate America”, rests firmly on the bodily functions through time of the consumer masses as dairy and meat farm cows.

But these cows, my friends, are cognitive, and so they need to be fed the most outrageous cultural and psychological bullshit as swill, along with the feed, so that the farmer gets what he wants.

And he wants it everyday, day after day through time.

Mostly in the form, ultimately and at the highest level, of interest accumulation paid on bank accounts.

You see why, now, you are a most sickly cow when you don’t have a job and you ain’t producing for the farmer?

You can still go to jail or be interned in a psychiatric institution, which is another way the farmer will put you to work; he’ll take that, too!

But either way, the only freedom and liberty for cows in the land of the free and home of the brave is when you over at the shopping mall or commercial center.

And we all be lovin’ it!

But don’t nobody ever what to really think about it!

Or talk about it, neither.

(*Lucas, baby, you’re still in the game!)

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