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February 3, 2013


The power of personal imposition over circumstances and other people is a core American value that publicly is understood as “individual free choice”, and “the consumer is king” in his or her exercise of that free choice.

And of course the most obvious instrument of personal imposition and self-affirmation in American consumer society is money itself.

Because with a 20 dollar bill you can go into Seven-Eleven, reach out and take your bag of Doritos; or reject that same bag of PepsiCo corn chips and go with the Chile dog or the slice of pizza.

And with the well-heeled shoes of a solid bank account, you can afford HBO and Netflix, BBC News on cable and non-commercial cable content of multiple types and varieties; you can afford the 6 dollar cover price for each issue of the Economist magazine, the almost 7 dollars for the Sunday New York Times and more serious intellectual production in the form of books purchased through Amazon or Barnes & Noble or even Spanish language books from editorials in Madrid or Barcelona.

And with this kind of money, you can rise above the force feeding of cultural fast food that is most of the American media itself, now, as pure entertainment disguised as public debate, politics and “the seriousness of Democracy as governance by the people”.

And it is money in this context that gives you the power to life itself as human dignity, for you are protected form the low-life, sugar and shock-driven vision of life as frivolousness that prizes rescue dogs over the hunger that Black and Hispanic public school children can feel and live in, even now-in 2013- at and after school.

And it is this same money that can actually protect you from Corporate America as the Harvard MBA-Pentagon Psychologist-cattle farmer that it has become in its relationship with American citizens as consumers.

And it is just in this context that not a single bozo American media pundit or “expert” ever talks about guns.

And as everybody knows who has ever held a fully loaded Browning pistol, a 38 snub-nosed revolver or a shotgun in their hands, a gun is a most serious instrument of personal imposition, that is especially appealing to the American psyche in the way I have just discussed.

That life in America as personal imposition through a job, or even a career, is a form of human vitality as violence itself, the violence of being as an individual with money at his or her disposal.

And it is the American consumer that is, in this sense and on this psychological plane, so attracted to firearms as consumer products.

Unlike other cultural contexts in other societies around the world that do not partake to such a degree in the degradation of life as violence of the individual in his or her vital self-imposition, the way it takes place at the psychological heart of the American citizen as control-obsessed psycho.

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