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February 4, 2013


Once again I have a boner to pick with Ronald.

And the general focus of my vision of what I see of his corporation is essentially the application of machine systems management concepts and principles, to human beings, first and foremost with regards to its employees.

And, ultimately, to its very customers.

And it starts with how you are greeted by the usual run-of-the-mill employee, who is docile, submissive, and only concerned with keeping his or her job-and it shows, big time when you stand before him or her.

And I have come to observe that not only the language is scripted, but also physical gestures like raising an open palm instead of saying “who is next?”.

And I have even observed how a manger corrected one female employee’s smile and exact hand and arm movement, when this hand gesture began to be standardly implemented in the particular restaurant that I frequent.

And of course there is always the fact (It seems I will never forget this every time I order food) that the cashier is never the person who actually turns, reaches for the food and then hands it to you; that there is always a non cash register operating individual between cashier and the kitchen.

And every time I observe this, I think of Ronald’s Harvard MBA strategists fretting over the macroeconomic two-bit swindler who, in every restaurant around the country comes in a couple of times a week and plays mind games with a distracted cashier whom it would be even easier to distract if he or she had to shift mentally form the numbers on the dollar bills and think about Big Macs, McDoubles and Egg McMuffins as real objects in physical space.

It would be much easier, then, to convince the cashier that the 10 dollar bill you gave him or her before they turned away from you-because you had suddenly changed your order most intentionally-had actually been a 20.

And the systemic, weekly losses for Ronald would be tremendous, quite obviously.

But how are we to judge Ronald’s solution of scripting human interaction to standard parameters for Golem-like, mechanical human employees?

Are we even to contemplate this?

And I am most tempted, every time I go in to one of Ronald’s joints, to say to the employee, “do you know why you are forced to follow the scripting of your interaction with me right now; do you know the real reason behind it?”

But the reaction would be very similar to the Black Walmart shelf stocker in the potato and corn chip snack food section when I asked if he knew why most Pepsi Corporation products (Fritos, Doritos, Lay’s and Ruffles) are factory stamped with a price before delivery to the supermarket:

“Man, what the fuck kind of question is that?”

And there would be a look of anger-hiding ultimately fear of loosing his or her job-and a stare of deadly seriousness in his or her eyes.

And so I always refrain from doing it.

But I certainly can’t help thinking about the moral and intellectual consequences:

That you have an intellectual underclass, not in the Charles Murray sense, and not in regards, in any way to intelligence, but in regards to a vital-intellectual rigidness and the loss of quality of life this ultimately leads to.

And it is the sickness and the rage that I feel when I reach these conclusions that brings you and I, through my texts, together.

It is only Ronald that I can’t get to, through his perpetual and plastic smile.

And I ain’t lovin’ this at all.

Not one bit:

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