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February 6, 2013


The American 1950s I have heard described as “The lost Decade” and they can’t mean, obviously, in an economic sense given that the decade is also considered part of the Golden Years of Western economic development in which cars, refrigerators, McDonald’s hamburgers and full employment materialized-out of thin air-into the American Dream as consumer reality.

And it was then also that some of the social and vital-intellectual forces of the Western world that took hold as the seed-in art, music and literature/film-as part of the future 1960s cultural dichotomies-what they insipidly call, in America today, “the cultural wars”.

But it is time to come to terms with the question of what the American psyche as historical, social and cultural configuration plays in contemporary World History-during the period between WWII and now.

And this is exactly why it is of such importance personally to me, in how it influences and has affected the entire world, especially after 1990 and what is referred to as ‘Globalization’.

Because relatively few Americans, although they will tell you how great their country is, don’t really understand the historical role and importance the United States has played and had, not for Texans and the firearms you can’t even tear away form their dead hands, but for the rest of humanity in its historical experience since 1945.

And we start with Max Weber and his most empirically sound observations of history as a secularization process of what were once tenets of a religious vision of the individual and human experience.

And because life from a Judeo-Christian standpoint is a life sentence that Yahveh imposes on you as a life mode, you must always understand and find yourself at fault-how else would you rationally accept the terms of this deal?

And Man’s Fall from grace is exactly what keeps you in God-as-father figure’s loving embrace; and you understand your life as labor as punishment to earn your sustenance, originally, as a farmer.

But it is your understanding of yourself as a sinner and as being subject to the “burning of the flesh” as sexual desire (you poor thing!) that is a rational rule of the game, that which actually allows you to keep playing.

Why else would you need to live life as punishment if you were not at fault or guilty for something?

And if you can’t understand yourself at fault, really for what you are-for your biological nature itself- you can’t have the love of God, and Father turns from you.

But what was really eating at the Torah writer’s minds in an anthropological sense; what was really bothering, at a deeper psychological level, Job and especially Elihu later on?

The same thing that most obsessed Paul as the “Washignton DC lobbiest of Christ” that he was in his time:

Your own rotting, maggot-ridden corpse.

And this, ultimately, for all religions, probably at all times in human history, is the great fault of Man as child, and it is your bathroom pass to Papi that as the child you are, you so desperately need.

For you are, now as you read these words, that very mound of human tissue putrefaction-and you know it, baby-that is where you are headed and every little corporal pain that you may feel from time to time, and your own awareness of how tired you now get on your down hill metabolic roller coaster slide to the grave, never-ever-lets you forget!

And it bothers you, hell yes!

Just as it always bothered post-agricultural Man (because he had time to actually think and wallow in it); just as it will always bother individuals as long as the human species continues on through time.

But I grew up watching Scooby Doo on Saturday mornings; and the structural argument of every single one of these episodes was the understanding of supernatural events at its beginning as schemes on the part of individuals with no scruples or real regard for others in their drive for monetary gain in some form or another.

And, how then, I am going to be taken to church the next day and actually believe in the reality of an old, wizard-man in the sky or some miracle worker as hustler they called “Jesus”?

And even at the age of 7 or 8, I knew what to say to that.

And it goes something like this: Fuck you!

And ever since I reject, in all circumstances that I come across it, being treated like a child.

Because the father is a cad, and he let’s you down, and he turns from what you thought was most important and of value to him-you yourself.

And I have come to find that true dignity for people in a psychological sense as individuals, and for the human race as the possibility of survival itself, is when the child rises and cuts father’s throat as the pederast cannibal that Father is.

And the only way really to get to that father that you envision and have looked for, high and low-like Neil Young and the Heart of Gold-in all the possible father figures as writers, intellectuals, CEOs, judges, generals, heads of state and even, at times, in women, is to be that father yourself.

And that’s what I am.


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