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February 8, 2013


And it is essentially how children have always served post agricultural man in life as flight from the contemplation of the flatness of human biological existence.

And because with agriculture this contemplation is effectively possible, flight in this sense, is the need to give depth to an existence that in its essence-as eating, defecating and copulation-has none.

It is no wonder then, that children are always at the center of magic-religious systems of thought as cultural visions of human nature and existence, and in the form of simulated human sacrifice and cannibalism in the particular Judeo-Christian version.

And because agriculture is in itself the possibility and promise of civilization as we know it today, and particularly in the form of towns and cities (this is the anthropological heart of the book of Genesis), a true understanding of Man and the Human condition starts with it.

For it is the origin of the psychology of the individual as part of complex human groups, being Human Culture itself the possibility of collective existence as a broader projection of that same individual psychology.

And just as has always taken place, children today are subliminally presented through commercial advertising, and through the cultural institutions of contemporary Man, as a kind of bedrock of emotional well being for adult society.

And yes, this society is most aggressive and predatory in its need, in this sense, of children.

For what other reason could you possibly have, in the end, for trudging on in your most insipid life as rat in the rat race of consumer society as flight from the insipidness of the cognizance of human, biological being?

And a lot of you, especially in the Disney World of USA, Texas, need religion and the use it makes of children as your frivolousness as illusion of the life and death seriousness of life.

And you end up, even secularly, as the Bethesda Soccer Mom in its general social extension throughout consumer society, basing your own existence on the love and hope you place in your children.

And life is “being there for your children”; and most importantly, as a cash-earning, responsible adult, modus Vivendi that is held to the utmost esteem by American cultural authority.

And all your fears and worries, and everything you say is meaningful and important about life is based, ultimately, on them.

And this is exactly what is reflected in TV advertizing, for example; and you would quickly see it if you looked critically at that advertizing, rather than living in it.

And you surely can sense what is, psychologically, at the heart of this.

But the emotional and vital denial you live in and that you must compensate for in your life as frivolousness in its hyped seriousness, is certainly felt by your children even before they are teenagers.

And in your denial you, as a society, respond by medicating them with psychiatric medication, until they are able to see and live life just as you do.

For what else can you really offer them?

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