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February 13, 2013


Any 4th grader in American elementary school has a rough idea of the distance between the Earth and the Moon; and most 4th graders in the United States, if told that an asteroid-they know what this is, too-is going to pass between these to objects (the Earth and the Moon) on February 15, 2013 at around 19:20 Universal Time, they would surely understand that to be “close” or “very near”, although whether they worried about it or not would depend, of course, on you.

But to my knowledge the American adult child as consumer, that is, the American civil population in its most popular sense, has not been made aware of this event; it has been carried, form what I can tell, on online news pages (ABC is an example), but has not been announced on TV news, although rarely do I ever watch American TV news of any kind.

And it is not in the street: nobody knows or has heard anything about this if I ask acquaintances in my building, at the stores where I shop or my son in regards to what he has heard at school.

There is no awareness whatsoever in the people around me, and the event is, for them, beyond their understanding of the world as they see it.

So they don’t see it, and they don’t really care because if they haven’t seen it in on TV or heard about it from someone who has, it’s not real in their perception of things.

But this is, in fact, a most spectacular event, in that it illustrates the true defenselessness in which Man lives as an inhabitant of this planet with regards to the rest of the Solar system.

And this truer understanding of what space really is and the fact that it is-and will always be-exclusive of the possibility of human life itself, is, in my opinion, a very healthy thing to include in your personal understanding of life, humanity and yourself as an individual.

But the Pentagon thinks differently on this one, that is clear.

And it’s easy to imagine why.

Enjoy your Coke and cheeseburger!

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