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February 15, 2013


The Broad Street Bullies, Kamberov and Sabeti, come forward with what must be assumed as more than normally hairy mice to say that some 35,000 years ago EDAR mutated in some way making Asians, in terms of their hair and sweat glands, what they are today.

But Kamberov and Sabeti don’t tell you that in order for this mutation to become dominant in a Darwinian sense, everybody else that what was not a bearer of this mutation and that lived in the same geographic area, had to die before puberty; that of course the mutation spread forward in time through the next generation, but that it was, really, a tsunami of individual, human death which eventually allowed mutated EDAR to become dominant in all individuals in that specific geographic area.

And Kamberov and Sabeti don’t tell you either-although they know and base there work on this premise-that this human context of Natural Selection could not have existed after agriculture (understood as appearing 10,000 years ago); and that all human biological evolution effectively ended with agriculture proper.

For how else could death as the motor of Natural Selection run its “glorious” course through time to establish and eventually change species as biological life on earth?

That’s life, in a biological sense.

And why is it that more elaborate systems of spiritual belief also coincide with the appearance of agriculture, and that nomad or hunter gather societies, although heavy perhaps in ritual, have nothing comparable to what is understood as “religion”?

And why is it that still today the simple inferences that I am making based on the working hypothesis of Kamberov and Sabeti are not popularly understood?

Because if they were understood popularly, society would be able to effectively evolve out of consumer society and even beyond anthropological culture itself.

Kamberov and Sabeti are technicians of the highest level; but they are not intellectuals, just as hardly anyone is today.

And Kamberov and Sabeti, almost tautologically, propose to confirm already proposed hypotheses without understanding the human and intellectual context their work, ultimately, takes meaning from.

And as a World Society, we suffer because of this.

For specifically, what would give theoretical coherence to the inferences after Kamberov and Sabeti with regards to human culture as we know it as a product itself of agriculture?

What would, after all, be a true force of Natural Selection in human populations?

What would no longer be necessary ever again to do with your children in times of extra dire circumstances regarding sources of food, once agriculture becomes the bedrock for cultural development and human expanse?

Why does Judeo-christian culture (including Islam) base itself syncretistically on human (and later animal) sacrifice?

Ever gone 5 or 6 days without food as a small group of people?

Those that can’t physically defend themselves better start thinking about an escape plan, in such circumstances.

And the fat ones, too!

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