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February 16, 2013

Another cultural universal I have come across, in all men from all the different cultural contexts I have had contact with, is a most instinctive violence towards homosexuality-not really with regards to other men (although, of course this exists), but most importantly within themselves and as a deep, phantom fear or suspicion of their own homosexuality.

And I have taken part in the reflection on this idea as conceptual model for a genetically determined male psyche or soul-and I have even superficially read of a similar notion within the realm of contemporary science and its establishment study of genetics.

But it is only in the contemporary realm of establishment science that I have not heard the contemplation of this as a “trigger for natural selection”-term that I consider inexact in that it is not genetics that triggers anything, but is rather acted upon by the forces of natural selection according to a determined geographical or climatic context; and that the motor underneath it all and in all cases is simply the constant flow through time of the massive death of individuals.

Do you not see, once again, how this would be incompatible with the human social order arisen from agriculture?

That socially complex human groups require morality and restraint in the form of internalized guilt to survive through time, and that this, and because of the stability of food supplies, would suddenly reduce the need for men to kill one another; and that children would no longer be needed-or regarded-as an alternative source of food, even in dire circumstances.

For it is ancient (obviously) inner family or inner clan cannibalism that could explain the context in which a mutation responsible for the most explosive violence in males with regards to homosexuality could have become dominant.

But modern psychology has not methodically understood as of yet the relationship between sexual desire and ingesting of food, although culturally, for centuries, we have been acquainted with this equivalence in the unofficial world of popular life in all cultures-or at least Western culture-in one form or another.

And it most certainly thrills and engages you when you come across it in your much coveted stories, urban legends and myths of serial killers.

But even in regards to this, you have never, it seems, stopped to ask why.

And one of the best places to start in regards to “carnal desire” in all its physiological facets, is the Old Testament itself-particularly the Book of Genesis.

And it would be best to use the most literal translation you can get, which means we should speak rather of the Torah instead of Old Testament.

For it is in the imagery of the text that the words go together to create, where you will find deeper psychological implications, insinuations and nuances.

And in these images you will peer into the psyche in its anthropological configuration of the writers of the text, and into the psyche of the recipients of the same text, as readers or listeners at that time and later through the centuries.

And as the anthropological artifact that it is, you will peer also into your own origin as the culturally determined individual you are.

And one of the first images in Genesis, after the most awe inspiring image of the power of the sea, is that of a male father figure with his mouth lowered to the nostrils of a human corpse.

I shit you not!

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