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February 18, 2013

1)There a lot of reasons why man historically has had the need to see life as kind of prison sentence imposed on him by some kind of God or divinely designed system of reincarnation, for example-being parole or your final prison release, Death itself; but the whole point of seeing yourself as faulty in your natural, biological essence (because you are sin or a sinner, or because your are not enlightened) is to understand and rationalize, because of this, your need for God or some kind of divine force or entity as a great, existential Father Figure, which is-of course-just a psychological projection that historically turns itself into a cultural mode.

And all creeds or spiritualities will tell you this: that you must make an effort to correct, through your conduct, what originally is an intrinsic fault in you or in the existential context you are forced to live in; end even if it is through meditation, exercise or giving money to the poor, you must strive away from what you are, in some way or another as you climb the slop of the mountainside, up to the peaks to Father himself-and in so doing you will be compensated, either by going to haven or living a higher, enlightened existence.

For we don’t do things for nothin’, do we?

And not only are you guilty, in this sense, for your own biological nastiness, and limitations, but you are also made a deal, by Jesus, for example-and if you dance for me, he says-so to speak-I will pay you handsomely with eternal life.

But I, personally, don’t make deals-and I don’t accept them, either.

And neither does Orange.

For I value myself for what I am, and I need no one to tell me what I am or the value I am supposed to find in myself or others.

And because I value myself in this way-intrinsically, for what I am-I value others for what they, intrinsically and in their individual nature, are, too.

And this is the great problem of Religion itself: the value of people can only be understood, for Christians especially, through the extrinsic meaning of God; and people, in their problems and suffering are essentially disregarded-unless they accept Christ’s used care salesman deal: believe and you will escape Death (after you die, of course!)

But I say: people themselves-for themselves-are what I value in others and in myself, and I need no Father as God-for I am not a child anymore, unlike you.

For I am responsible for what I am, and I do not live in denial of my biological nature-of my need for sex or the need I have to evade, at times, the flatness of life itself.

And the flatness of life-the eating, defecating, and fornicating, as biological necessity, and my own, at times, demoralizing selfishness-is something I deal with by, first of all, accepting its reality, in myself and in others.

But you don’t do this: you, as a “believer” in God, live life as an elaborate scheme of denial and self-suppression by which you can always stay close to Father’s side, and grab hold of his legs whenever you are especially afraid or forlorn-for he is always there for you as a projection of your own Father; or like a night light that is always left on in the hallway so that you don’t feel afraid.

And implicitly-if you accept the logic of this text as a reader-you live in a latent state of self loathing and debasement, and you see others in exactly the same way, unless you are a hypocrite.

And it is easy to understand why you, historically, so often are-and that this is actually a healthier, more tolerant state of things that you would not be capable of  really hating yourself and others so much!

Human nature, Ba-By!

But I deal with this rationally, not through myth or fairytales for children.

2) But one thing is also true: that it would seem that the most natural state of life for man is in a context of the strife of working towards some objective, in one way or another, just as Religion anthropologically has imposed on man.

Or just the way capitalist, consumer society would also have you live!

That man him, or herself, is need-need, also, in an existential sense, as a life mode.

That human life, even at the highest and most tolerant, intellectually vital level, is the need to satisfy need itself.

And this Orange.

And at this highest, most intellectually vital level-THAT IS PATRIOMONY AND PARCEL TO ALL HUMAN BEINGS-is the need to understand.

And understanding is, for a human being, the need to be!

But this not necessarily a question of reading books, although this is undeniably important.

Intellectual vitality is how you live, not just what goes through your mind as thought.

For there is a lot more in your mind than just thought-you know that!

And thought cannot be separated from feeling, from emotion or personal perception.

And thought also cannot be separated, in your mind, from images.

But Orange, like all great teachers, is not going to tell you what you are.

And Orange is not going to give you the answer to anything, either.

Who is the only one who can do that?

This you got to know for yourself.

But Orange will put you before those answers, like a horse-or a mustang- led to the banks of a body a of water.

And that river-or lake-is Orange.

But who has got to decide to drink?

And: Is understanding really given, or taken?

Bottoms up, baby!

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