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March 1, 2013


Human anthropological culture builds a stable garden of security around man; and the forest, distant mountains on the horizon and the sea that man looks out on from the that garden, forms a cultural system as matrix.

And it is, above all, a semiotic space in which the drama of human existence and the killing and the violence of man is contained and limited in its reign of existentially invigorating terror.

For that which allows you to escape from the real and limited confines of your playpen as garden is your very violence and the awe of the explosive wrath of man as human will.

And it is this wrath that must be contained, although not totally eliminated.

And this is the delicate balance of anthropological culture, as a controlled system of chaos and order, tedium and excitement, listlessness and the seriousness of life and death.

But anthropological cultural contexts are built around man as child at the center.

And it is above all the power of some awe inspiring titan as a psychological projection of father that is the ultimate guarantor of social man and human collective life itself.

But the simian is so arrogant and haughty in his or her will to life, that only by seeing ourselves as intrinsically defective in our nature can we rationalize our psychological subjugation to our own father figure projection as God.

And with out God, anthropologically, there is no culture-no possibility of life in complex, collective human groups, for in the worst of circumstances, we will-logically and naturally-cannibalize each another if that is survival.

And no matter how secular society could be understood as being, we will always need a father, a figure to whom we can appeal, in the form of a Supreme Court, intellectuals and artists, heads of state, the UN-or even the military; and perhaps also the human condition itself as a maximum, abstract authority.

And this is a kind of “curse” of human culture that is embedded in the psychology of the individual, for you constantly need-can’t live without-someone to “rule your world”, as they saying (or song) goes.

But this is a life mode, essentially, of the child; and people as groups and societies-because of this circumstance-are prone in their infantile essence to the power of their own frustration, whims and tantrums that we all know and deal with in childhood.

But capitalism has historically only reinforced the infantilism of the culturally determined individual by catering exclusively to human need as understood only by the individual him or herself; never has capitalism been able to impose, like a truly responsible father, not what the child wants, but what the child really needs in regards to his or her well being.

And world consumer society, as of 1960, has miserably failed in this sense, has I have written long and hard about.

And its failure is its frivolousness, its lightness of being, based on the satisfaction of only the most primary of human existential needs-the better to keep you working to keep you consuming.

Always forward and always in flight from responsibility as intellectual truth in regards to man and his true rational-emotional nature.

And I have had enough of the world as it is.*

And the world will change.

You will change.

And I write.


* 1-800-273-8255 is the number within the US of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline; any attempt to portray me as a danger to myself based on my writing, will be met with the fullest legal response on my part.

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