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March 2, 2013


And ground zero of the conceptual model behind World War II as conducted by Hitler’s Nazi party would be Berlin, out from which roared this mighty flatulence in all directions.

But in terms of a strategy of social imposition and management of occupied societies, beyond the military strategies of conquest and ground occupation, there was nothing except Berlin itself.

And the starting point was conceptually the goal of the process itself.

And what is understood as the greatest atrocity to ever befall man as the 6 year reign of human hell on Earth was, in its essence, the tantrum of child, the “hissy fit” of a brat with no real serious objective other than the surge itself of the eroticism of Nazi power and the orgasm of military imposition over others.

But it was dressed in all the eminence of the matters of state; and to be able to deal with it and stop it, it had to be understood by the Allies also as such: and because of the need to mobilize the United States as a society industrially, it was bestowed a seriousness and weight that it did not really warrant intrinsically.

And at the highest levels of the Allied command, in the minds of those individuals who had to sit down and understand as fully as possible the nature of what they were dealing with, there must have been, above all and intellectually, a sense of bafflement and amazement at the inanity of the Nazis as a form of political governance and even in a military sense.

And I do not doubt that people like Eisenhower and Truman were most astounded by the nature, at its deepest level, of the foe they were facing.

And Imperial Japan, following similar processes of cultural mass manipulation rooted, ultimately, in the same unsophisticated comprehension of genetics and Darwinism, was Death Clown number 2, although Imperial Japan itself was the first to arrive on the world scene as an expansionist power.

And the historical urgency to in fact deal with it was –and is-unquestionable.

Nevertheless, a certain criticism must be made on the point that the true essence of the origin of the problem has since been culturally hidden under a hyped and dramatized, simple-minded narrative of good and evil; and the words of Eisenhower on January 17, 1961, before addressing the issue of the “insolvent phantom” of Democratic man, were about the problems of the world as the psychology of man as a species.

And it is not the science and man’s heightened power of technological death, but his psychology, that is the real cause of the worst forms of universal suffering of people and the world’s greatest frustrations as a global society.

And these words-the entire speech itself-are really a meditation on World War II, for it as after WWII that the military defense of his country, of the United States, occupied the center of political power of that country-to never relinquish it ever again.

But to keep itself at the heart of US power and cultural governance, Pentagon Democracy requires the subjugation of serious critical thought to the “necessities of natural interest”.

And the greatest national interest of all is the permanent mind lock of the populist, anti-Nazi social mobilization that was considered necessary, in the early 1940s, to deal with the spasms and paroxysms of the kindergarten, nursery school bully that was Hitler and Imperial Japan.

And to resist the dumbass brute at times-we all know this-you have no choice but to be the dumbass yourself and lunge and gouge and try to beat the daylights out of him.

But as a transitory and circumstantially necessary that it may be, it is no place to stay and continue life in.

And the Cold War, as Eisenhower saw it, was the perfect pretext to maintain the life mode of the dumbass brute as political governance in the United States; and because of the economic power this could muster and the need for nationalist imposition through technology that was justified through a struggle narrative of latent war against the “Commie” and atheist, a structure of Pentagon power arose around Eisenhower himself.

But he could not ever forget what was really at the core of WWII as a plight of humanity; and it was the same enraged child that he clearly saw around him 16 years later and in his own country.

And Eisenhower, in his January 17 speech of 1961, chose to emphasize what is indeed the most sinister, long term consequence of the child life mode as political and cultural governance: that the soul of Democracy is eventually gutted because the possibility of independent, critical and non technical thought is finally lost as a society.

And Senator Fulbright is also another man who clearly understood these implications at the time; and he wrote and spoke along the same lines with regards to education as Eisenhower-that without the autonomy of education for knowledge itself-beyond the demands of the government or even the market-all is lost.

In the most terrible sense conceivable.

But what Eisenhower did not attack headlong-and neither did Senator Fulbright-was the danger that, because of the economic power conferred onto itself by the Pentagon and Pentagon Culture as power structure in the US, there would appear on the political scene and back stage, a most serious dumbass resistance to moving out of and away from dumbass political governance itself.

And this is where Eisenhower’s speech stops short; but implicitly it is there, in and around his words, like the shadow of an overflying, black crow-a crow that is black as night.

And its shadow has become daylight itself in Washington, today.

And you can still see Senators, in televised Foreign Relations Committee sessions to this day, who still stop short of taking the necessary and responsible steps that reason and logic dictate.

And as Senators and despite their televised anger, they don’t dare speak the words that can’t be uttered.

And the military officer as Joint Chief of Staff, seated before him in senate committee session, knows damn well that the senator doesn’t have the balls to make the next logical inferences.

Not publicly, anyway.

Because everybody in Washington DC knows that “You don’t spit into the wind;

You don’t poke the mask on the ol’ Lone Ranger,

And you don’t mess around with Jim”*.

Not with Pentagon Jim.

And Jack went to the bottom of the well, head first, so that you never forget that.


*Lines from a Jim Croce song, “You don’t mess around with Jim”.

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