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March 3, 2013


The film Fail Safe (1964) was very likely produced-it appears-as a power establishment response to Doctor Strangelove (1964).

And the Ernst Lubitsch film, To be or not to be (1942), has never been popularly valued –in the US-as the masterpiece that it is, beyond and above even Casablanca (1942).

And in US society it has been only the cultural elite that was able to appreciate and eventually celebrate Charlie Chaplin and the mockery he made of Hitler and Mussolini and of the supposed seriousness of war itself.

For in America it is only the cultural elite that have ever had the moral and intellectual fortitude to resist the populism of primary instinct that is hidden at the heart of political, economic and cultural governance of US consumer Democracy, despite all its grandiose overkill as stately eminence.

And in US consumer Democracy, the Dumbass is Emperor.

And in Pentagon Democracy, you have never been allowed to laugh at war itself for what it is; that the tantrum of this silly and horrid child known as Hitler-and all his brutish and dumbass simplifications of intellectual and scientific theory-has been carried on by the cultural reinforcement of his seriousness as enemy.

But he really wasn’t serious at all; just dangerous because of the power that was at his disposal.

But the Pentagon, after WWII and in a most convenient Cold War context, never wanted that understood on the street, publicly.

And they still don’t, today.

And we still live now in a latent, WWII siege mode of readiness, with Bin Laden and the al Qaeda Nazi party as the post 911 Axis Power, against which the Allied Forces can rally together, above all in the minds of consumers as citizens.

And it is the Dumbass that has allowed this to happen, essentially.

Because the Dumbass, in America especially, has always been played and preyed on by the political-economic forces that be.

And in the contemporary, globalized world, the Dumbass as citzen needs to be kept occupied in his or her mind-through his own never-understood or analyzed primary nature-so that he can be exploited as a dumbass, dairy farm cow as consumer.

And those who have always ended up exploiting the Dumbass, because of their own limited intellectual and moral understanding of life itself, are just as dumbass as the Dumbass himself.

Do you really think material satisfaction as vital complacency is the secret of life?

If you do, you are a Dumbass.

And if you are an American, this is exactly how you really see life, underneath the now dead pretenses of culture, sophistication and refinement.

And this Dumbass, as the vulnerability that he is for collective man, needs a Father figure projection as God, and he lives in fear; fear of external threats, fear of the individual as category; and above all he lives in fear of his own passions and animal nature.

This is the conservative, reactionary heart of the Dumbass.

And in the name of family tradition and the world as he sees it form his own childhood psychological configuration, he never allows himself to question anything beyond his most limited and narrow emotional reality.

He can’t bear to!

And the Dumbass is, above all, a child, just like Hitler himself.

And he is a child trapped in his child-like vision and arguments.

And trapped most thoroughly in his childhood fright of death and dying.

And despite a façade of calm and stately tradition as cliché, he lives in a latent, emotional hysteria.

And his wants and needs-as the child he is-are his primary motivations.

And the Dumbass is above all other things primary, uncuoth and-behind all the show and false guise of responsibility-he is unruly in his infantile rage.

And that is his greatest danger to society: he believes in nothing; has no higher understanding or philosophy and only clings to his childhood need of the Bible or other primary, brutish narratives of good and evil.

And because of his lack of understanding of himself as the child he is, he is unable to exercise restraint and self-control, for he has no limits in his childish needs and whims, except those of social morality as cliché.

And in trying moments, when push comes to shove, he has no real limits to his child desire to satisfy his need, at whatever costs.

And even social morality as cliché is crushed and trampled in his primary reactions of emotional explosion.

And this is how the Dumbass exploits other Dumbasses.

And this is how the limits of ethics and morality are crossed by the Dumbass, especially when, on the shoulders of the Dumbass as voter, the Dumbass accesses positions of power over others.

Because all he understands is his own need.

That’s all a child knows.

Get ready for a detailed breakdown in future texts of contemporary American social and political history and its antecedents, according to this vision of the “Dumbass”.

Now go to your room!

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