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March 12, 2013


1) The co-ordination of political agents of government and economic power- instead of opposition.

2) Structured at its core by the amalgamation of interest and ideology of banks and the financial system, the military and the de facto control by both over research and science itself.

3) Real power base is the instrumentalization of consumer society itself in a systemic economic sense through, ultimately, the diachronic control over bank deposited funds through time.

4) Its chief tool of instrumentalization is a semiotic control over the social mainstream through advertizing and de facto control over most of the media. Through these channels a vital context of permanent crisis is established in the minds and visceral reality of individuals; and because there is essentially no ideology-political or even moral-behind it, society also has lost any defined moral position, also (outside of a functional standard of morality as cliché). And through the cultural medium of money as in fact the supreme human value in itself, society is driven ever on into the future behind technology-mostly as the object of consumer activity-and behind also the course marked by the core itself, which has no real course at all, other than the maintaining of power and the necessary world social order that this power is based on.

5) Scientific research could also be seen as its ultimate, underlying purpose; but this research is subordinated in its entirety to a technical vision of knowledge, and because of this, it has no true ideological or moral motivation behind it, either, other than technical dominance itself. And its incapacity to develop and understand non technical complexities through humanistic inquiry, is the reason why it is essentially blind and without real human purpose other than that of a most psychologically primary form of control.

6) This de facto system of governance hides-most consciously at its highest levels-behind Liberal Democracy itself, and goes to great lengths-quite intentionally at its highest levels-to maintain a theater of political opposition as government between the different branches of state and other social-political actors.

7) Because it is formally based on Democratic rule, a correct control and contention of the social psyche is paramount to its own survival, making it in theory and potentially, an extreme-and most distorted-pole of “Democracy” as political governance; making it vulnerable, also, to being corrected through its “centering” once again to a former, theoretically more genuine position.

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