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March 21, 2013


The implementation of a real and working idea of international law, beyond only financial regards, implies the revision of the concept of jurisdiction, and jurisdiction is based on the concept of nations.

And nations take you to patriotism and identity-and through identity as patriotism people suspend-or project their concept of self to broader, more abstract notions of belonging and identification.

And they stop thinking as morally defined individuals, also.

And this folks-obviously-is one of the circumstances without which war cannot exists.

It is a circumstance, also, of power defined and understood as the co-ordination of thousands-hundreds of thousands or millions-of individuals as soldiers who become instruments-as groups-of the strategic will as imposition of other individuals.

It can be also one of the sharpest instruments for the emotional manipulation of civilian populations as one the sorriest mechanisms of political governance the world has ever known.

But the insturmentalization of other human beings-in whatever circumstances-is something to be gravely considered, just like-in the words of Eisenhower-the power of money itself.

And this power has effectively been “gravely considered”; and it is something that Pentagon Democracy as guardian of world order will not-UNDER ANY CIRUCMSTANCES-give up.

And Internet, for Pentagon Democracy, becomes a problem.

On one hand it is a truly awesome instrument of commerce and the satisfying of human material need.

No doubt.

Its impact on the world is most constructive, as well, in the pursuit of world peace by inevitably drawing human collective groups into a World Society of communication.

But it is also dangerous in its potential to undermine the Nation State itself.

And the speed with which it could to that is, from the standpoint of Pentagon Democracy, horrifying-blood curdling!

And I refer to the ultimate state in which it could clearly take humanity-not to terrorism.

The concept of personal identity, country and human culture itself would blossom outward in to a new world of being that would still need to be controlled and sustained in the same basic ways it is day.

But Pentagon Democracy would no longer be part of it.

Not in the relationship of subjugation that it maintains with world society and human culture today.

And how clearly Pentagon Democracy understands this!

Clear as water.

And Echelon Culture and its ministry of fear through proxy shadow forces is the greatest proof of that.

And also because of the simple fact that there simply is no international law, except for Visa, MasterCard, Warren Buffet and Avis and Hertz car rentals.

And all the rest.

You know what I mean.



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