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March 21, 2013


If it is true that Lifestyle Advertizing* or marketing now dictates that even content stories on news broadcasts should not, because of their juxtaposition with advertisements themselves, profoundly disturb the basic vital complacency of the viewer, it is then also true that corporations, in an aggregate, overall sense-for all companies and sellers of products and services-will have an interest in protecting and strengthening the grip of “Lifestyle Culture” as the cultural space itself in which individuals as consumers live.

Especially if the interests and owners of the news corporation are similar or the same as those of the corporations who advertize!

And it is certainly of real intellectual and moral interest the consequences for people and for American and world societies; and the psychological nature of changes this has caused after the mid-90s in individuals and especially for children, who are born into this and have no other perspective from which to understand it; and I would particularly like to know what happened to the music industry in regards to a total lose of artistic and conceptual talent in its products after the year 2000, more a less.

But right now I jump directly to another problem the individual (and ultimately Corporate America as keiretuss itself) has in this systemic context of a most clear vital subjugation; and the problem is how individuals are able to keep going in an ultimately deadened world of stone in a real vital, spiritual sense.

And it is obvious for me that at the highest level of Pentagon Democracy it is understood that individuals must receive some form of visceral engagement as invigoration-ultimately as kind of “entertainment of the soul”; that the whole system would collapse if people were not taken out of their functional niches and given some exercise-allowed to viscerally trot in circles to work up a sweat in an emotional sense.

Humor and laughter are helpful in this sense; and it is surely possible that you have found yourself wondering recently why US advertizing has become so much funnier-in only an American sense and not comparable to the genuine lightness of heart in some traditional European advertizing.

How the hell else could you keep on watching it-that’s why!

The use of sex as insinuation and innuendo also works, for a while.

But the most powerful manipulative force the individual is subject to is fear; and its semiotic value is its power to make you suspend rational, intelligent thought-and this is not always negative, from a psychological standpoint.

Because just like the physical realization of sex, when you are in the grip of terror your “mind is not your own, baby!”

And this has an affect of catharsis, of kind of cleansing and invigorating-of rejuvenation, in a certain sense.

You had a lot of fun as a child when you were strong enough to accept terror in the form of ghosts and vampires and boogy men (or women)-or did you not?

And within “Lifestyle Advertizing”-cultural niches as individual functionality under systemic gridlock, it feels good to imagine the big bad wolf-in the form of terrorists, atomic blasts and the Ebola virus- breathing down your neck!

You know; you know exactly what I’m talkin’ about!

And you should-when the kiddy fear has passed-ask yourself in what way your terror as physio- and psychological elation could benefit the structure of power and control you live in.

And moral responsibility must lead you to ask, also, whom ultimately does it benefit?

And, finally, you might be wondering if this really is only just the work of US Army psychiatrists as Pentagon Democracy “shock” forces.

This would certainly be a most important point of doubt to begin to consider!


*Some specific concepts, information and spirit from No Logo (1999), by Noami Klein

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