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March 26, 2013


The final destruction of Nazi Germany under-most especially-intense and prolonged Allied bombing, was the first time an industrial society and its government had to deal with the clear and gradual demise of itself, right before its own eyes, so to speak.

And it was the first time a civilian population, at the center of this controlled process of collapse, had to be eased and reassured in the individual’s sense of security and vision of the world.

The Nazi occupation of France had been announced beforehand, and as a French citizen you had a pretty good idea that you could forget about going to Ikea or the shopping mall-or whatever the equivalent consumer noramality would have been at the time; but nothing up to the then had ever been comparable to what German civil society experienced during at least the last 3 years of WWII.

Both the Nazi and the Allies understood the strategic value of bombing civilian populations as a psychological tool of subjugation, that ultimately leads to the destruction of your enemy’s will to resist.

And the Nazi government of Germany needed to defend its civilian population from this most intentional onslaught that targeted the hearts and minds of its own people through the forced contemplation of their own destruction.

And ultimately it is this contemplation, generalized socially, that is worth some much, and not really the actual killing and physical destruction you need to effect to create it!

And the Nazis fought it, also, through the minds of their own civilian population, following a basic strategy of psychological insulation through falsehood and fiction.

This required, for example, the production of cinema for public consumption that assured a steady stream of images of Aryan couples courting each other on bright summer days on picnic blankets out in the quiet country side, in direct and proportional compensation to the horror of reality itself.

And to the World Jewish Congress-and its own “willing executioners”- I will say that it is highly doubtful German civilians were subject to news reels with the weeks  highlights from Auschwitz and the “best moments” of Jewish extermination as recaps.

“Apocalypse management” of civilian populations is centered on a sweetening of the individual’s ken and vision of reality.

Sound familiar?

And it is said that Nazi Social propaganda as an instrument of social control-management-learned much from pre WWII Hollywood films; and it is said that US Intelligence itself learned exactly this from the Nazi themselves, among other things.

But there is, however, much information of different nature to be learned from the administratively controlled demise of German society as an actual historical experience.

And its reestablishment and reconstruction can also be studied for its possible application, as well, to other industrial societies.

You never know when it might come in handy!

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