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March 28, 2013

The fact that your server domain is your organization’s name or a reference to it in some form or another becomes of value to me even if your server rejects my emails: the fact that your organization-company or entity-can be identified as such publicly from your email domain is-obviously-enough, even if you don’t read it-somebody else will. The rejection of my emails by your server returns to me delivery failure messages, which are also of potential value to me.

The solution for you is to increase your opaqueness by not only eliminating all institutional and personal emails from your pages, but also using another email domain that cannot be directly related in the mind of people to your company in the “terms of use” and “privacy” sections as part of a “theater of judicial oversight” that is enacted publicly currently on Internet.

More opaqueness is your way forward until finally the facade of “non vertical exchange and freedom” of the Internet is understood publicly as just that: a facade that hides relationships of extra judicial dominance and control.

And I work tirelessly to see that that happens as quickly as possible.

I love you, Mickey!

Give me a hug!

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