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March 29, 2013


And the ears of the approaching wolf are now visible to you over the crest of the ridge or hill-and the rhythmic bobbing of his stride.

He is upon you.

For once you understand the individual in his or her psychology as simply vital drive to power as the attainment of comfort in response to need, you quickly rise up to the social context people live in, to politics and the firmament of culture itself.

And the highest power as imposition and self-affirmation is the destruction of humanity itself, the eschatological victor as heavy weight champion of the world in the form of Jesus, Kali, Adolf Hitler, Aum Shinrikyo or Jim Jones.

The Olympus of suicide of the indivudal and its collective, cosmic projection.

And the greatest ICBM to ever be thrown aloft is world society’s understanding of this.

That everything about people, through culture, philosophy and science-in advertizing, education and the underlying configuration of entertainment as industry, is a constant contemplation as permanent life-mode of power and the relationship of agent and object, the exercise of power and the reaction of the individual as an object of it.

And the contemplation of subjugation also becomes necessary-the understanding of the human spirit as defiance and your own subjugation of others as outlet to your own profound sense of powerlessness.

And the calm and constant drift as drive towards death itself-also as a possible reaction on the part of the individual as outlet and escape from subjugation.

And always the exercise of personal violence towards others as a way to your own self-affirmation, to life itself at the expense of other human beings, who become human means to your own ends.

And the ICBM is your understanding of this-of yourself; and your capacity, then, to recognize this around you, in others, in the civil, economic and political structure you live in.

And when this understanding itself is reflected back on you as part of that cultural structure you live in, the greatest historical hindrance to humanity will be, finally, behind us.

And this is the wolf who stands now before you: and in the depths of his brown pupils you find the question, how is humanity to go on if it has overcome-once again- our own biological limitations in regards to our soul of violence?

How is man as warrior to continue on if we are no longer called to live and kill in strife as life itself?

What is man to pin our existence to if it is not being as imposition and self-affirmation?

What are we to do without God and now that the Great White Whale as finally sunk, lifeless, to the ocean floor and Captain Ahab along with it?

I mean besides making a film about it.

Because the “hunden videos” and the iphone life as dog will only work for a short while.

For man is not a frivolous being in our nature.

We only seek refuge in frivolity.

And life is truly a most serious thing.

What saith thou:


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