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April 1, 2013


And the social implications of technology, after the Industrial Revolutions and over the decades, gradually undid the delicate balance of culture itself with regards to its original configuration as subjugation.

The subjugation of the violence of men, and the subjugation of women to men as the underlying structure of collective human existence.

And the longer it took for technology to penetrate a particular historically determined culture, the longer that particular culture stayed closer to its original functionality regarding men and women; and the more “savage” and “backward” it was considered by the cultures of the most technologically advanced countries.

And today the savagery of males is for the most part a topic of judicial episodes of aberration that are duly dealt with as such-put down, culturally sanctioned in one way or another, and made-perhaps-the subject of films and our crypto-fantasies of primeval wholeness, and finally forgotten about.

But the male drive to savagery as imposition through violence-not only with women but in regards to everything around him-flees once again from our contemplation of it back to its closet and its natural substance of shadow on the edges of waking consciousness and our rationality as security.

And when a man, once again, shows what he can do with your child-support and your now personal layaway plans for the purchase of a car or furniture for your new house that used to be mine; when he takes the whole contemporary structure of cultural and political “correction” that you use now as imposition over him, and shows the truly awesome violence he will be forever capable of unleashing-when on a weekend visit he cremates the bodies of your son and daughter as a way of striking you down and gutting you yourself, you truly cower before his horror because it is exactly this that he brings to you, to throw at your feet-because he can.

And you will never be the same again.

But culture will carry on in apparent denial; but only apparently, and a mechanism of duplicity reaffirms itself in its sanctions that also feed the underside of collective existence.

And Dr Hannibal Lector as serial killer also moves forward in his shadow world, a step behind you, always breathing down your neck.

And once again you are simply invigorated in your fascination with him; and you pay to see films and TV series, and you are offered all manner of consumer products based on your tantalization with your own darkness.

And culture defines itself once again on its crypto level of violence as power as imposition, and not really on its “ethics” of the free-market and the human commerce of social and cultural engagement.

Because you learn very quickly that ethics is not really the issue in the world around you, but the law itself.

And the disregard of people you see in the surface world, on the part of de facto cultural power-that constantly appeals to itself as ethical and morally defined-becomes finally in your mind the real shadow world of violence and death.

And the crypto level these people are fascinated with-like children in a Harry Potter funhouse of horror-is really the kiddy garbage they feed of off in their childhood lives as consumer society responsibility, self-reliance and adult seriousness as frivolity.

And their shadows become what really keeps them going-the true energy of their souls and its unbearable lightness:

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