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April 1, 2013


And it is man’s violence that brings him finally to God-or to supremacy over human finitude through reincarnation.

And that God-or supreme power even as the structure of eternal wonder-is the very violence of man projected and then reflected back on him.

And man’s hammer is his logic as the will to imposition.

The will and violence as imposition over death itself, the permanent specter of human consciousness.

And it is the psychological tactic of control through self-debasement as guilt and logically plausible “responsibility”:

For man is in his birthright vileness a project of betterment as life mechanism; and it is the indignity of human nature or existence that is the road to Father and transcendence.

And it is your fault; you are to blame in your nature and this is why Father is there for you-this is the nature of your union to Father as master.

And Father will always be there for you as long you understand that you will never really be worthy of him.

And the child-in his fury and his violence-is really the master-the manipulator who seeks to retain at all costs the warmth of Father’s open arms, even if it is at the cost of Father’s very subjugation as puppet to the whims of the brat.

And it is the violence of man that always bestows in God-or in the eternal structure of wonder-the eschatological power to throw the master power switch and bring down eternal and definitive night.

Because God is really death-because man dies-because man himself is death.

And he knows it.

And everything about him is a force of defiance as violence in regards to this basic circumstance.

Good thing there is a heaven, eternal life, and transcendence.


To bad you have to die to be part of it.

But while you are here you never really mature out of childhood.

This and your natural violence-everything about you and in your psychology is violence-makes you a problem for the adults around here.

And I am not, in this sense, the first adult in history.

By no means.

But I am the first to say that your drama, and your tantrums-and the destructiveness of your whims will no longer be tolerated.

We don’t put up with the behavior of brats in this kindergarten:


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