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April 2, 2013


Notes from page 124 (Oxford University Press)

Why is social structure not understood-not even defined-in American sociology with regards to US society-the medium in which the individual-the American-lives?



2)The interest of de facto power

3)The predatory use power makes of this complacency.

4)The unintentional use which ends up being predatory that power makes of complacency.


1) [leads to] 4) [leads to] 3) (current point in time)



Of the individual as consumer who is driven by his/her most primary needs. A vital complacency takes hold of the individual most destructively when life mode of satisfying only the most basic needs (which include the more abstract ones, such as existential comfort through religion or police “security”-that although abstract are still most primary!) limit or prevent a freer, more intellectually vibrant-and daring- vital attitude in the individual; the establishment and reinforcement of this complacency comes when the very spirit of curiosity and challenge, is finally feared by the individual as in fact a threat to the individual’s sense of security.

The origin or raw material of this complacency is of course human nature and the individual’s psychology of seeking security through some form of control-or perceived control-over one’s circumstances.

And this is-of course-patrimony to all human beings in all moments of human history.


As subjects of their own need for comfort-on all levels of their psychological being-individuals live in a permanent realization of the satisfaction of those needs-in the permanent vital activity of attaining comfort in one form or another, at all levels-all the time.

And human need, in this sense, is the true union between the individual and capitalist social structure.

An unintentional predatory use of need as leverage over the consumer has been the early historical evolution of capitalist and consumer society itself; and in this particular context the exploitation of human need is socially sanctioned and logically understood by the individual, which is in itself its ultimate legitimization.

And it is even conceivable that the individual is aware-to a certain degree-of need on a superficial level as a social construct or compromise as civic tool, and that there are in fact broader visions of society and existence-and that much like the law, the use of money and its superimposition over individual need is not perfect or infallible, but necessary and operationally practical.

And as an individual you are tacitly supposed to understand, deep down, that money is just money, and nothing more-and you know exactly what this really means!

But still-we must hold on to unintentional as adjective to describe the evolution of this social system of predatory exploitation of human need in its loss of the ability, as a system, to see beyond its own logic of essential complacency-now on the part of the producers of products and services, also.

And your complacency as a society eats upward into the realm of ideas, values and thought itself.

And your consumer complacency becomes your academic, intellectual and-ultimately-your complacency of the spirit, as well.

And your necessary moral tethering-all human beings need moral values-becomes only functionality through the hollowed cliché of what is socially acceptable; and this becomes, through a constant reversal of roles-levels or planes- the crypto world behind reality as crypt-as morgue-itself of the morally deadened, systemic abuse and disregard for the individual you now live in at –really-a crypto level also-because you still call your self a democracy and the “land of the free”.

Or do you not?


The relationship with the evolution of social structure in the Untied States and technology must be clearly understood in its role of driving, really, that evolution itself-in the US and around the world, as well.

And yes: it seems apparent that the objective nature of the scientific method and Positivism-and the overwhelming power of scientific application as technology-has followed through in its tendency to technify all other forms of human understanding, turning itself, finally into a blind and blithering-but supremely destructive-idiot-and the rest of society along with it!

And it is complacency, once again, that prevents everybody from really caring to see this today.

But it is the power of science-and the power of money that it confers-that has subjugated society itself.

And because we are dealing with a social elite that is also a Harvard, Princeton, Stanford-and MIT-elite it is difficult NOW AT THIS POINT to maintain that the humanistically ignorant technicians of science, the Harvard JDs and MBAs are actually not intelligent enough to understand their true relationship with the overweight black man or woman and the poor white trash consumer of McDonald’s and his middle class avatar.

Can you seriously stand before me and argue that you did not systemically understand that it is “the simple man that pays the bills” in America, and that he has aggregately put you where you are now?

Do you purport now to judicially stand on this argument?

Am I to take this as your formal statement in your own defense?

I suggest you come up with something better.

Bailiff: remand this mother*ucker!

Bail denied:

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