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April 3, 2013



The extrinsic value human culture has imposed on women-from their standpoint-as a function of subjugation so that men don’t destroy each another-and eventually everything else around them, surfaces also from the depths of the crypto anthropological level into the lives of the female individual.

And she is, generally in all cultures, a human doll from the moment she is born.

This doll is a natural focus point for the projection of broader cultural values as function-her physical being is held to be of more importance than her true individuality as a person.

And this individuality-in all historical human cultures-is rigidly defined to the point of immobilization and atrophy of the self by the individuals around her.

But this form of slaughter in life through the forced acceptance of non intrinsic values is understood by all as “care” and “love”.

Especially by the female child at the earliest of ages; and to obtain love and to insure that love is always forthcoming from the human medium around her-from the immediate family environment-she must internalize and act according to exactly how she is treated as an object.

Because it is especially the father figure-and his reinforcement through his interaction with mother in the daughter’s eyes-that is so devastatingly powerful in regards to the female child.

And the greatest horror that all women to some degree-since the dawn of humanity as collective, sedentary society-have had to suffer, is coming face to face in childhood with the understanding that Father’s love is not really in regards to you as an individual-and that their true nature as individuality is an obstacle with regards to the attainment of the acceptance and love of Father.

And young girls viscerally understand that their own nature as an individual must effectively be put down, subjugated to the conditions Father’s “love” is defined by.

And whereas boys must rise up and kill-on an abstracted psychological plane-their own fathers, females must accept their intrinsic annihilation in order to be with Father.

And the hatred women feel to Mother is not really that of an alley cat fight over the sexual attention of father-it is rather, the rage and anger of a child that lives her own destruction as an individual in the presence of a Mother figure who is aloof, impassible and distant-and never does anything to save or even help the daughter.

Because Mother can’t, for she is as just as subjugated in her own annihilation of the self as the female child.

And the child viscerally understands this, in her deepest psychology-and she will always hold the deepest of hatreds for that woman who never came to help.

And usually, as a woman, she will never be able to see her father-on the other hand-but with the greatest warmth and affection.

And women as mothers become the Witch, the female figure of darkness and dominance-that is also patrimony to all human anthropological cultures that have ever existed on Earth.

And both men and women fear and despise the witch.

But of course the problem for woman is that they also are the witch.

And because of the girl’s extrinsic understanding of her self that she is forced to live life in, it is also culturally common-common to all cultures-for her to have a tendency to view others and life itself from the stand point of an exclusively extrinsic value, as well.

And the witch is also a bitch.

And she is cold, insensitive and at times, even more ruthlessly cold and calculating than men.

And in the most unfortunate cases and circumstances, she lives a life of essential denial and self-deception-an annihilation of her true intrinsic self -and adapts as a vital modus operandi the same internal mechanism projected socially to others beyond the family.

And because of all this, she is often essentially false, light and superficial in her core as a social entity.

So you have to buy her trinkets and take her to dinner and pay all manner of frivolous attention to her, if you want to get carnal access to her.

And you often discover as a man that that is really the only thing you want form her.

Her body.

And it shouldn’t surprise you.

And it is not your fault, either.

Never let a woman run your life-not in the current anthropological configuration of her psyche!

Get out of Dodge, baby!

Run like hell:


I am

Doll eyes:

Doll mouth,

Doll legs

I am

Doll arms,

Big veins,

Dark veins

Yeah they really want you,

They really want you,

They really do.

Yeah they really want you,

They really want you

And I do, too.

I want to be

The girl with the most cake

I love him so much

It just hurts to hate.

I fake it so real,

I am beyond fake.

And some day,

You will ache

Like I ache.

And some day

You will ache

Like I ache.


Song by the group Hole

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