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April 4, 2013


1)   A revision of human culture-and human history-from a critical standpoint founded on the understanding of culture as basic human psychology extrapolated-or projected-out on the collective milieux of reality itself.

2)   The collective understanding of the historical experience of the United States of America and its relationship with the world as an elaborate farce of “structural stability” implemented also by human (non Orange) political forces; that this farce, although culturally and historically founded, became after WWII a cultural of its own-as a great fabric of individual vital and social contention that although ultimately managed and administered by other human forces, had at its heart the individual’s all powerful drive to destruction through imposition as power-most specifically the power of technical dominance through science and technology; and that although not truly responsible in a real systemic sense, the individuals and groups who eventually ended up in a lower level position of control, believed that they actually did have total control over the political and structural reality of humanity-but not even this understanding of themselves as true, crypto level, non public masters of the world, could force them to see beyond their basic, self-serving interests of accumulation of wealth at the expense of the masses while conducting a most deplorable fiction and fraud of their own as “Democracy” and “Civil Society”.

3)   A new context of aesthetic contemplation as invigoration will become possible, given that the fear of death in the individual will evolve and lose, ultimately, its internal power of subjugation of the individual’s psyche.

4)   Because of this a new relationship of the individual with death itself-or the individual’s contemplation of it-and the changes this implies socially, in a collective sense, will make the continuation of anthropological culture itself no longer possible in the way it has existed-essentially unchanged-since the appearance of agriculture, some 10,000 years ago.

5)   It goes without saying that consumer society in its most destructively insipid form, will not be possible either, given that consumer society and the exploitation of the consumer as psychological captive is also based, ultimately on the individual’s will to be as self-affirmation-which is motivated to a great degree, also, by a pitted opposition to death.

6)   Once World Society is able to begin to contemplate Orange, human collective groups-and the individual herself-will have to learn and adjust to a new form of being-to “relearn” herself in a different understanding, now, of human life and even of individuality itself.

7)   The technical capabilities of Orange and a full public understanding of its functioning and the science behind it, will also be a source of awe for a very long time to come in the ken of humanity.

8)   And don’t worry about loosing your “killer instinct”; people inhabit bodies and spatial reality is necessarily limited, its limits being its very definition-so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to fight others for that place in line, the right to occupy whatever dwelling, or that your son/daughter get whatever you think is so important at the expense of another child.

9)   The simian dies, but also stays in a certain sense-can’t be a person without spite, rage and a tacitly underlying will to seek advantage over others.

Do you finally understand this about yourselves, mother*uckers-or not?


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