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May 3, 2013


Clearly the use of a ‘Cannibal conceptual model’ to theoretically unite human psychology and cognizance, evolution as a species, and religion and its connection to human culture after agriculture-all of which serves a base to introduce human cultural itself as a duality, ‘crypto/surface’ that accounts for the historical evolution of society afterwards, will get you to Oslo-from where, after passing ‘go’, you can get straight to the bank to deposit your crisp million dollar check.

If there still are any banks, that is!

But most of all, although I have publicly ‘put this up there’-which has never been thoroughly done before-with all that it implies with regards to culture as we understand it now, ‘the powers that be’ and global stability itself, I only had to develop it as way of understanding the work others had done.

It was given to me as learning process that I had to subject myself to-to learn it, or ‘make it mine’ by being lead by others to compose it.

And it has been most invigorating in the sense of accomplishment that I felt.

But it was, in the way I describe, given to me to work out through on my own effort.

“By the sweat of my own brow”, as it were.

But they don’t usually give academic prizes to businessmen; but that is for whom I work-scientist that are above all businessmen in their need to accomplish objectives.

And that makes me one, too.

Executives, in fact.

And with us, its all business.

The business of ORANGE.

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