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May 22, 2013


Yes-given the things I have come across in my examination of contemporary US history, some things people individually and privately have expressed to me-and because of a certain most deplorable personal situation I have recently lived through, I most certainly believe, now, that shadow abuse on the part of the US power structure, and murder have in fact been consistently used as instruments of political and social control.

I have no doubt about this, now.

But I, on my little rollercoaster horror ride to reach the point where I can publicly contemplate this, had to ask myself the following question: that if the premises I work with regarding Pentagon dominance over life as corporate America itself are solid, it would of course be conceivable that these people would easily take the life of an individual-or many individuals-if they saw the fate of America in jeopardy or at risk if such an individual-if he couldn’t be slandered or incarcerated into irrelevance-remained alive.

So, who could have constituted, in this sense, a mortal threat to the pillars of the American way of life in the form, particularly, of devastatingly precise criticism of the true workings of the crypto heart as true power structure of this country?

I’ll skip Kennedy at this point.

George Thayer and C. Wright Mills constitute-it is obvious from their writings-threats of the gravest kind to the stranglehold the Pentagon-Business tag team hold on the American experience after WWII.

And the disappearance of these two individuals would seem necessitated by their writings and by the fact that neither man had yet to reach his mid 50s, but were already most dangerously prestigious as thinkers, writers and critical analysts of power and culture.

And by being dead, they would be a severe but subliminal warning to all.

I have no proof, of course of anything.

But I don’t have security clearance, either.

And I lack respect, now, for the tenets of this society from the standpoint of government that I know to be false-completely gutted of any true democratic principles-and cast in the darkest plaster as the stone of tyranny, deception and manipulation-but that human perception perceives only as the color white:


C.Wright Mills

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