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May 24, 2013


1) Because technological investment-practically of almost any kind-depends on energy as indirect energy consumption of economies as aggregate systems of production, the fact that the price of oil is determined by a government cartel (OPEC) and because ultimate control rests on the pretty much unlimited supply in the Middle East, and particularly that of the House of Saud, any serious disturbance in that area drives a stake-potentially-through the heart of the West most especially as techno-finance investment machine, which is itself both the motor and true protégé of Western military world order, and specifically of the Pentagon.

2) It is most convenient, then, that Saudi Arabia be a country that peacefully subjugates society thereby removing the popular vote and the instability it potentially can create from the core of international world stability.

3) The House of Saud, also, must itself be subjugated-oh yes-also by world military order: any indication of serious shift in policy or orientation is-simply-out of the question. Subjugation, first, is through the economics of oil and arms; but it is also necessarily clear for Saud that his kingdom would simply be annexed-by a multinational collation in the worst-case scenario-if he rebelled or refused this systemic role as function.

4) Islamic fundamentalism, in this context, takes on the systemic function of giving Saud a kind of leverage as protection against annexation by an international collation; Islamic terrorism would be a kind of Hobbesian tightening of the balance of power that ultimately-at least on a geopolitical level-reinforces the militarily weaker position of Saud -and you essentially have a cold war containment of a different kind, that also originated before and during the Cold War, but that came to the fore shortly after the Cold War itself moved off and away from the center of world political theater.

But I am growing weary, people, of this game as a sideshow distraction in itself to the true drama of the human condition, now.

And I am ready, now, to move on-as you are well aware:

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