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June 5, 2013


And James Stavridis rides into town as a kind of Disney World Darth Vader, who, ironically, cries wolf in regards to the converging evil empire out there waiting to do just that-to malevolently converge on us all while we sleep!

And in a spirit of convergence himself with the billion dollar Pentagon porno agenda of the coming cyber gangbang that, as victims, awaits us all, Stavridis-quite foolishly -makes explicit what has for decades been the true underlying system of US democracy as coordination and collusion between the financial, military and political spheres of power, as opposed to the surface level swill for mass consumption that is the epic narrative of Hobbsian and Montesquiues political structure as dialectic and functional opposition.

But the only thing I see left standing and that has yet to be totally ravished is essentially the judicial component-and thank God for that, yes?

But Bozo starts his flaming baton juggling act on the wrong foot by basing it on an informational discrepancy or disadvantage as false premise:

The true monitoring and internet control capacities of the agents of Echelon Culture, its procedures and most extrajudicial modi operandi are not publicly known-have never been publicly understood.

And as I certainly am no clown (except when I want to be), I can not allow my self to be lead through a logical gauntlet as argument of fear, darkness and impending doom based on an unknown variable.

That don’t make a bit of sense, do it, Mr Leon Panetta-eh big guy?

But what I do know is what many system managers have commented both publicly and personally to me: that the public’s understanding of what internet really is from the standpoint of its partial and global control and management is a kindergarten story book of naïveté.

And its perception as a wild, wild west, is in my view, simply a fabricated pretext to guarantee that it never comes under real judicial tutelage-except for Visa and Mastercard, of course.

Ultimately because its potential as an instrument of social evolution is too dangerous with regards to the positions of de facto political and economic dominance of Pentagon Democracy and its avatar, the global Corporatocracy (J.Perkins).

And as far as Stravridis’s reference to the Enlightenment, years ago I was lead away from the American kindergarten of mostly corporate-owned American academia by the hand of a few French philosophers (Foucault, Lyotard) who understood the importance of the “Century of Light”-but also criticized it in their attempt to understand the historical forces it set motion and that would eventually lead to the current demise of its very ideals.

Particularly (but not only) with regards to the question of the legitimacy of power itself.

But these thinkers were heavily influenced by Marx the anthropologist, and you know how Marx is regarded in the American kindergarten of establishment  academia.

In all fairness I must a add that there was also an American scholar by the name of Jameson, Fredrick, at UNC.

And I for one sleep rest assured knowing that Stavridis at least can afford the scotch, even if he would opt not to spend his money-originally, I assume from public coffers-on a book with a title like, Postmodernism: the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism.

Is it safe to go to McDonald’s, Mr Stavridis?

They have a lot of internet-based surveillance cameras in there.

Did you know that?


Stavridis’s Wasthington Post article, The Dark Side of Globalization (6/2/13):

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