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June 8, 2013


And like fright-stricken nursery school children who continue on in their play as the fire spreads-or while their parents slap each another around just prior to a formal divorce back in the 1970s-The Grey Lady continues to frame the current confusion as to who actually controls the United States as an Obama Administration question.

But the real question-based on simple logic-that no one has yet to ask publicly is why would it be necessary to spend so much money on Pentagon warrior Cyber Porn as security if it is now clear that the monitoring and control capacity of Echelon Culture is already at a level of global systemic dominance?

What really would be the justification for all the fear mongering as “Red Scare” (in regards to China), and our being most savagely raped by hackers, terrorists and identity thieves, when it is now publicly understood that for years Echelon Culture has to a great degree actually been in almost total control of world communications?

But the reason this question is not being asked by anybody is the answer: that Pentagon Democracy and the global Corporatocracy (J.Perkins) that it serves does not want to lose the cloak of democracy itself.

That is the source of a certain stench in the US Senate that skunks like Senator Feinstein make use of as bodily secretions at the beck and call of their trainer-masters.

And we have a US Army general as director of the NSA who in uniform and presumably under oath flatly lied-3 or 4 times-in a recent congressional hearing.

But you probably won’t see him prosecuted for, among other things, perjury.

And if your going to ask the Obama Administration, I’d try Michelle before I went to her husband, Casper the black ghost.

But if you ever asked yourself how it might have felt to be a black man in the United States –especially in the South-in the 1960s, now ya know.

And not even back that far, really!

We all the Negro, now:

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