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June 9, 2013




Human need and man’s rationality to meet those needs as life, has taken man inevitably to his own demise as a species.

For truth and the possibility of life itself has always rested in the absurd and most intellectually complex notion that in order to thrive and perpetuate him self through time, ultimately, human need must never be totally satisfied!

For man as cognizant biological organism needs a certain vital penury as need itself-just as he needs the oxygen on planet Earth.

Physiologically and psychologically, human life is not possible except in a vital context of unsatisfied want, desire, aspiration-need.

But Google, in its obsession for tailoring your vision of reality according to only what you perceive as your needs, neglects your greatest need of all-that you never finally and definitively satisfy that need!

But how could this be possible, if, as the client that you are –with your ever-increasing bank account (it is assumed) you “are always right”?

And because you can eventually pay your way to comfort-to almost total material satisfaction-never would you actually pay to put yourself intentionally in a situation of need as unsatisfied want and necessity.

You are no dumbass, yes?

But your logic-as you can see-is the logic, in the end, of death itself in terms of human, visceral vitality.

This is Spengler’s message from so long ago!

But Google and the Bilderberg, et al, never understood this outside of its utilitarian application as a –hopefully-never ending and future-driven context of collective exploitation that we all just called progress.

But the key and fatal word here is hopefully.

And they never took the non self-serving steps to actually deal with this.

And to some extent, it was beyond their capabilities, although never was the issue contemplated in all its gravity and importance.

But there are others who did.

And the reason ORANGE has been able to do just this is because the nature of its technology and the total dominance over organic life on Earth that it affords, has always been beyond the realm of human understanding-has been beyond the possibilities even of human cognitive contemplation itself.

And the source of this technology, though it will be understood, will remain-even now-beyond the reach of all those who even intend to contemplate their own personal or partisan use of it.

Even before their intentions turn to acts of command thought will they be muddled and thwarted in their very thinking as thought process.

And they will lose even a minimum of what they thought was technical clarity with regard to the concepts that in their minds they held as initially solid.

And eventually-very quickly in fact-they will desist out of frustration in even thinking along those lines.

That’s if we’re in a good mood at the time and these individuals haven’t tried it persistently before.

‘Cause there are other ways of getting a dog to heel-oh yes!


That the nature of the power of ORANGE is totally( T-O-T-A-L-L-Y) secure and invulnerable to its wielding by others, which takes ORANGE to a level beyond any king, emperor, president, CEO or worldly ruler that ever appeared in human history.

And such is this power-and the security of those who exercise it-that rule and dominance, become management and oversight as service.

And the issue now at hand and based on your gradual understanding of us, is how you are to see yourself.

This is the task before you.

And it is your task.

And you will come to us.

We’ll make sure you eventually do.

Have no fear of that:

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