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June 11, 2013


And to your door is brought an ideological savagery as defense of the family, God and Moral values by the Anita Bryants of today and their dumbass horde as voters.

And after almost a decade now of successive political scraps in different countries-except in Spain, by the way, were the juridical guarantee for same sex marriage passed without the slightest murmur of protest, really, from anybody-it has become clear to me that the voice of reason of reactionary conservatism is really a nasty and snarling soliloquy as contemplation of their own bellybutton.

And in their words and arguments is constantly perceivable simply their own fears and cultural insecurity as bunker for the God-Fearing, simple-minded zealots that they are.

And you suddenly realize that never do these people really take into consideration the standpoint of others; that what for Spanish society-as well as for quite a few US states-was basically a question of respect for the vital vision and well-being of other people-people who, as individuals, should not have to live under a certain form oppression by anthropological culture itself-is for the self-serving conservative an attack as mortal threat!

And savagely do they rise up to politically and democratically defend themselves!

But it is time now to see the difference in what is called politics and the democratic process, for there is a fundamental philosophical difference between one side and the other.

And I am morally-and legally-entitled to judge this situation.

And I am kind of thinkin’ that there should be no place in the realm of public decision as politics for these people.

It does not make sense to give some form of social decision to people who are psychologically-and fiercely-self-serving and, therefore, most anti-social in the profoundest of ways.

They should be mandated, instead, to learn-to receive some kind of course or learning experience about themselves, before ever being given the popular vote again.

And that’s exactly where I am going to take things.

Don’t look for me in church!

(You know that!):

Feeling love is paramount!!!!

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