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June 11, 2013


Americans will tell you that Orwell says-in 1984 and Animal Farm-that from a certain standpoint Communism and Socialism itself are both equivalent to historical Fascism.

And we talk-in our practicality as immediacy within an American cultural universe-of authoritarian regimes, be they on the left of a possible political spectrum or on the right.

And in my life time this is exactly how these two works by Orwell have been used-and it is simply cliché (or at least it was when I was coming up) to talk about big brother when you refer to the police state of Castro, Obiang of Equatorial Guinea, Putin and his oligarchs-or that of Khrushchev, Andropov, Brezhnev, etc.-or of the antics of the Nixon White House-and even surely, at times of the CIA-or this even bigger and hardly understood entity they call the NSA, whatever that really is-which very few people actually know, even today!

There is just one problem with equating as cultural cliché Socialism and Fascism: and the problem, simply put, is that it has blatantly benefitted the crypto position of cultural dominance over the mind and soul (and psyche) the American Bilderberg as Corporate America has always held over US society itself.

And the psychological impact of the Russian Revolution in 1917 must have been severe in certain circles of American power, as European immigration continued to steadily arrive often bearing the political ideas of Marx, along with their ratty clothes, luggage and possible infections.

And it did not go unnoticed by American power circles that since at least the Decembrists at the beginning the history of the Russian-and later Soviet-Intelligentsia, the plight of the American Negro was often used within this tradition as an example-as a slave and after Abolition-of just another example of human degradation, often transvestited as Democracy that Western liberal and industrialized societies exercised over their citizens.

And that surely was something Ford, Carnegie or Rockefeller-along with a lot of others-did not want catching fire this side of the Atlantic.

And it was the Centralia Massacre (1919), in Washington state and the Columbine Massacre (1927), in Colorado, that put a definitive end-basically-to all politically operative socialist protest in what would be left of the American historical experience.

Because in this country we don’t fuck around, would seem to be the message that was most effectively transmitted throughout the US at the time by the behavior of authorities-especially on the part the Army as National Guard.

The rest-of course-is history.

But the entrenchment of the interests of business within social experience itself only continued to accelerate historically.

And it is because of this these two works by Orwell were later commandeered, so to speak, by American cultural authorities (starting with Universities, establishment intellectuals and writers, and school boards) to obviate any difference, whatsoever, between Socialism and Fascism, once Hitler, Mussolini and Imperial Japan had their little WWII rumpus.

But here’s the catch: the origins of Socialism-which is not Communism-is the moral-not political-outrage and denouncement of social injustice that was part of the European historical process of industrialization.

And Marx was by no means the founder of this, although it was what originally motivated him as an intellectual and, above all, as an anthropologist.

And the moral outrage one feels at seeing a part of society feed of off the other, implies, first of all, a heart-felt contemplation of society itself-from the standpoint of the suffering of others-and not from the position of one’s own interests.

And you can, really, occupy any political point on the spectrum-or even any economic station in society-and feel this moral outrage.

But Socialism has always made exactly this its starting point as political modus operandi or position.

And I sincerely hope you are able to understand that historical Fascism never contained a similar premise.

Historical Fascism is based always on a defensive fear that is transformed into an aggressive but always pyshcologically defensive action of collective, political-military assault on some enemy or another.

Sound familiar?

It should!

But Sarah Palin and Lindsey Graham et al–and even Senator Feinstein-come across, if you listen carefully to their words and arguments-as simply self-serving in their ideological vision.

And for these people it always God and the family-and America that is under attack-and except for Senator Feinstein, their enemy is really their own cultural insecurity with regards to how the rest of America sees them, and that is as culturally backward, primitive and ignorant-which they certainly are!

And they have come-or aspire to come-to Washington to show you just how wrong you are.

But what is this but profoundly self-serving as a permanent ideological position of insecurity and deeply-felt inferiority-just like the self-perceived inferiority Lewis F. Powell lived in?

And the only real limit to their aggressiveness as self-affirmation (although they call it Politics) is the money they are able to spend in their protracted war of cultural attrition against the enemy.

But these are the Bozos, albeit most certainly influential, of the American political universe.

Senator Feinstein is different.

She serves the true power system itself, which implies that to some degree she understands it-the Bozos just play and frolic within the limits that this power system sets out for them, unaware, really of its true nature.

This in fact was evident for me when I watched Senator Graham hammer a way at a US Army chief of staff in a recent Senate hearing on Benghazi in which it became increasingly clear-live on C-Span-that there really was no Obama or even White House at all in regards to the events in the US Consulate in said Libyan city on September 11th, 2012-thereby implying that the fate of Hillary Clinton at the hands of a few State Department schmucks had all just been a Pentagon orchestrated sham.

And that Lindsey Graham of South Carolina was actually beginning to poke his snout into the honey pot of Pentagon Democracy itself.

And that, also, the Senator did not really seem to be aware of it!

But it can be certainly assumed that he’ll eventually catch on.

These people are no dumbasses.


Orwell, after all, had in his bones the marrow of a socialist as observer of society and as a writer (just sample the abundant essays he wrote.)

And it’s kind of hard to call yourself a serious intellectual if you don’t also have this marrow.

If you can’t hold, in your contemplation of life, the interests and lot of your fellow man.

But over at the mall and at Starbucks you don’t really need to look at anything but the prices, do you?



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