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June 12, 2013


Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2013 06:49:37 +0000

Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2013 11:30:51 +0000


But the moral implications at each level are, of course, unequal in that one side-the subjected side as object-believed itself to be in relative control of world events from the standpoint of de facto United States governance-and this interest on the part of the subjected side as self-perceived rector agent-were mercilessly self-serving, with no real serious moral or human regard for the ultimate will being of human society overall, but rather just for business in its most international subjugation of consumer society and world commerce as the underlying, ultimate motor of scientific-military power.

And it has been the greatest example in human history of ‘Golem’, of the methodical and most rational cannibalization of one’s fellows-because one could out of a lack any other moral consideration except of one’s own self-perceived, self-serving objectives.

And it shall be the world’s understanding of this crypto holocaust-behind the scenes and cloaked in the greatest principles of human dignity that humanity had produced-that shall power humanity’s path now into the future-for a time, at least.

The true rector as global, worldwide agent of control is also ‘guilty’ of existing in the shadows beyond humanity’s knowledge except for a most limited and partial awareness on the part of certain individuals within the world intelligence community from different countries.

But the diachronic management of the human species-and to a great extent of biological life on Earth itself, as been the true and final function of the real rector agent.

And it has been ultimately responsible for all political policy on earth-of all nations to one degree or another.

And you have much to understand, question and even reproach-for it is the possibility of your moral contemplation now of human history since WWII for what it really was that I serve and work towards.

But what could money really mean in a personal sense to the individuals that are Orange?

These are the lines-or rules-of the game we shall now play at the true, crypto governance level of World Society-below the surface of what you perceive as the standard historical reality of the year of our lord, 2013.

(Or according to whatever your parameters for measuring time are.)

For most people only perceive just that.

And diachronically shall our final emergence quietly take place before the eyes of the world.

Harold Seth Knight

US Social Security: 186 54 3066

Subject: FW: There’s nurse Ratched with my medication!
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2013 08:42:37 +0000

Subject: FW: There’s nurse Ratched with my medication!
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2013 08:38:41 +0000

Subject: FW: There’s nurse Ratched with my medication!
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2013 11:33:50 +0000

Hi John,
I wanted you to be aware of this, even if I am breaking a promise I make in the email itself; I think now that this is not exclusive patrimony of Stone’s, although I am not going to fling it around like I usually do.

He is the guy who put the film together, but that doesn’t mean it was his creative agency as human intention in regards to the sequence I refer to and the crypto meaning it contains-but it obviously does contain this very clear message.

This is undeniable within the overall context of the film.

But it carries no signature, of course.

I won’t send this to anybody else.

(Trust me!)

And in regards to the subject heading of email, its not true:

I am now off my medication:



*Excuse my sarcasm-its purely professional!

Subject: There’s nurse Ratched with my medication!
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2013 10:46:40 +0000


This is the name of the lone shooter responsible for the head shot in Dallas, 22nov63 that was given to me in the summer of 2011 by a source I have the greatest confidence in.

The name and my considering it a factual premise, has allowed me to glean much historical insight with regards the Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson administrations, although considering it a fact, I used the name most of all as learning tool and never had seriously considered the consequences of actually being able to demonstrate it!

But of course it would at least call into question how political power-or certain circles of it-regarded this individual for the next 40 years, and particularly the Republican party.

But 1988 I personally attended a press conference by JFK (his middle name was Francis), who as a Congressman actually formally proposed to run for the Republican nominee for presidential candidate.

And now I know why I was there.

And as things fall into place now, there is a most essential characteristic of this JFK that makes him all the more interesting-and that is his stupidity, religious fervor and insipid patriotism as frivolousness.

For you must be a person of the greatest frivolity to actually contemplate accepting what is proposed to you as a service to your country-even in the form of a great messianic narrative of “Americaness” and the struggle for life itself.

You got to be real dumb to do that!

And so I went through JFK (1991) a few times to try to get a better hold of the director’s logic and syntax and I realized I needed to at least try to confirm if Kemp’s name has ever been a Washington type rumor of sorts-if it had ever in fact circulated as somebody who could have been involved, even as a kind of preposterous joke.

Because after carefully viewing JFK (1991) almost frame by frame, I am left with the impression that Stone actually planted this suspicion at a crypto level within the film itself, that could be only decoded if you know what you are looking for.

And in the opening credits there is the last name of somebody involved with sound that is “Kempster”.

But the syntax of the film itself is the continuous juxtaposition of dialogue with images in a most carefully studied manner to create-or communicate-associations in the mind of the viewer.

And the overall theme of the film is the duality of public/crypto, surface/depth, homo/heterosexual worlds-or light/shadow(or darkness).

And I thought that as well as at a political level, Stone could also be doing this with his own film, and that below the presentation of a surface plot-with all its characters and multiple associations-there was an Oliver Stone crypto level, also.

And the lunch scene with Costner and his crew of assistants at a restaurant in which the argument-and structure-of the film funnels into the one first and final question as to the true identity of Oswald, the juxtaposition continues now between the dialogue and the images of the arts and craft construction of a silhouette figure, empty at the core, who is Oswald as an empty structural niche-that of course needs to be filled.

And it is then that one of the assistants-disgusted and frustrated as a lawman with his own country and the system he works to defend-lashes out verbally at the Susie Cox character at the table and says, “you are an assistant DA:

Stick to the Facts!”

And just in that moment the camera moves to the face of the Gary Grubbs (actor) who is squinting in an effort to grapple with what is being discussed.

And it this face-the squinting of the eyes-that was also an anatomic feature of the face of Jack Kemp-as if this were a ‘facial identification’ reference to the one time Republican presidential nominee candidate.

And Susie Cox-in the very next sequence-describes a couple, a Mr Bill and Jane Williams.

And because Bill is juxtaposed to William-which is odd although not unheard of-it immediately caught my attention.

And then I set up the analogy: if WILLIAM = BILL, then THE WILLIAMS=THE BILLS-the Buffalo Bills, of course.

And there I was, back to the “Kempster”; and Grubb’s character’s name is Al Oser-“A loser”-or in Spanish, if you swap the A and E: EL OSAR (to dare, to arrogantly rise and defy).

And because the whole film is a game from the standpoint of the careful viewer of the juxtapositioning of dialogue and images, and because the Al Oser (Grubbs) character is an extra of sorts and has only minor functions as a figure-a body-that seems to just follow Costner everywhere-most ironically as the real Oswald!-and because of his facial likeness to Jack Kemp-and perhaps even my assuming Stone to be knowledgeable enough in Spanish to do that-I realized I had no choice but to seek some kind of confirmation of this-directly from Muhammad himself, so to speak (instead of the mountain coming to me).

I have, however, another explanation as to how this could have become what is the real structural core of JFK (1991), but it certainly does seem that Stone himself may have intentionally done this.

And that would obviously be most significant to me.

As for the names of certain characters coming form Garrison’s book-or history itself-this does not pervert anyway the logic of my inquiry.

Incredible, isn’t it!

Some months ago I made as well as the Kemp Foundation aware of my interest in the former Bills quarterback as the real assassin of Kennedy in ’63, and it goes without saying that nobody has replied or contacted me in anyway.

But I would greatly appreciate any response from you-in any format or channel that I can perceive and decode (if necessary)-and I have no intention or need of copying or forwarding this email to anyone else.

I appreciate your attention.

Harold Seth Knight


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