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June 13, 2013


That fact that he is said to only have a GED-that he never finished college, has no master’s degree and therefore could never be capable of serious intellectual-or even moral-thought as has been the argument out the mouth or as journalistic texts on the part of establishment journalist talking heads or scribes-only means that he was all the more strapped, professionally, to the big house-to the corporate oligarchies and their military associates.

Where else you gonna make over 100,000 dollars as yearly salary, boy?

Your ass ain’t goin’ no where!

Understand the logic of Snowden’s masters-who of course paid for his most specialized training to carry out a most specialized function in detriment to the US and World publics, as Snowden himself has said.

But don’t publicly make an ass of yourself, Mr or Mrs Senator-or even over at the NewYorkTimes!

Didn’t you know there is more to life than just having a (plentiful) bank account, a new car and a girlfriend who is an acrobat?

You forget that life is a most serious thing!

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