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June 15, 2013


And it turns out the religious Bozos of any spiritual faith ever known to man were right-from an anthropological standpoint-in hysterically insisting on viewing life from the eyes of the forlorn child!

And their historical slaughter of their fellow human beings to impose this-or that-theistic or non-theistic existential vision-is also-from the same standpoint-to be most ironically commended.

For you can’t have collective human life without the psychological power of restraint that religion forces on individuals and the historical societies they belonged to.

And following the same logic, you can’t really have science, either, for the technology that it produces-and the successive modifications of human culture it propels-unfailingly leads to the undermining and destruction of human culture itself!

This is the basic lesson of human history, if you have the intellectual integrity and the balls to dare to behold it.

It is the message of Spengler, of the Unabomber or the likes of former US president Jimmy Carter in his attempt to make science as technical human contemplation compatible with faith.

And this is exactly what cannot be done!

And we are currently before just another historical example of the fatal and ill-fated lack of restraint of human beings in their psychology of imposition as fully cognizant simians.

And the historical Holocaust-followed by Hiroshima/Nagasaki-and Stalin and Pol Pot, Misi and The Pentagon’s biological weapon’s programs, or Monsanto are just some of the historical avatars-of differing degrees – of the same lack of restraint that is behind the NSA and the Surveillance State Snowden is denouncing-behind Pentagon Democracy itself.

You are, simply, incapable of self-restraint when you find yourself in a position to impose yourself over others!

This is the core truth of your nature!

And your psychological nature is the base of human culture after agriculture-and it is the reason why some form of belief-theistic or otherwise-is always been necessary to keep you collectively heeled and begging for life itself.

Like the dogs you are!

Well, now you have a new master.

But despite our little technical difficulty that for some time we have been dealing with, on another level, our true problem is you!

Your psychology as the foundation of human culture itself.

But the only dogs around here, form now on, are going to be the ones of the non-cognizant kind.

And life as pet will no longer be an option for you as a human being!

And outside of our technical capacities-that for you are now incomprehensible-our tool, as you have been able to read thus far, is rational logic itself.

And it is by extirpating the crypto side of man through logic that will allow for man to move forward as a species, although he will continue to live in a subordination of a very different kind, now.

But we guarantee, ultimately, survival of the human species.

And we have the power to do just that.

And we love life for life itself-and no longer as simply a component of death, which is how humanity has cryptically viewed life in an anthropological sense as human culture.

And we have more fun, too!



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