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June 16, 2013


1)The power-trumpeted need to defend computer network systems, world wide, would seem to be a legitimate reason to capacitate governments to exercise some form of control of Internet itself; yet the legitimacy of Echelon Culture is conditioned to an intentionally-and falsely-fabricated public perception of the virtual, Cyber world as essentially uncontrollable-and only policeable as a permanent battle ground between the forces of order and criminal chaos; and it is this undefined, cosmic threat that must be continuously reinforced in its perception by the individuals who make up consumer society.

2) Undisclosed amounts of congressionally assigned funds-into the billions of US dollars as overall budget allotments-are used to insure that just this essentially erroneous vision of Internet permeates at the deepest levels the individual consumer psyche, for its semiotics is the instrument on which the core objective of Echelon culture itself is based, being the purpose of this instrument that of ensuring the Internet is never effectively under real judicial tutelage and oversight-and that it remains permanently a realm of humanity under the de facto authority of world military order and its Intelligence agencies.

3) And the core objective of Echelon Culture itself is, now, that of subjugating Internet as a world wide, structured context of human interaction to the basic tenets  of industrialized, historical capitalism, which itself is forged, ultimately, as a global concept of Nation-States. And Echelon Culture’s central vital interest becomes, ultimately, its own fear with regards to the modification of world order as consisting of nations, rather than of broader, inter-connected cultural zones.

4) And at the heart of this fear is the potential of Internet to collectively take individual identity beyond the notion of antagonistic, self-defining patriotism and the permanent state of world strife-in some form or another-that has been the human condition since the end of the European Renaissance.

5) And it is Echelon Culture’s cerebrum as military world tutelage and its unspoken strategies of self-permanence that becomes itself its greatest hindrance: because of its strictly technical, hobbsian understanding of power as control, it never reaches greater heights of human reasoning and perpetuates-because of this-an intellectual vision and understanding that is devoid of a true moral contemplation of collective well-being and ultimate human progress-because it simply stands to lose too much.

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