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June 17, 2013


At the top of Iranian political structure sit the Ayatollahs-and they dress in black, are seen as dower, deadly serious and absolute in their ultimate oversight and executive power with regards to Iranian political governance and society.

And the absolutism stems-most probably-from their ultimate de facto control over the Iranian army and to the fact that they are not subject in anyway to the popular vote-or to anybody else’s vote, opinion or even commentary!

But this in not what makes them-really-unworthy of the Western World’s political affect.

They are not tolerated internationally-or at least by the Western powers that be-we are told, because of their extremism, their open appeal to violence with regards to the state of Israel and because of their lack of tolerance for other creeds and political visions.

And yet, they have something that Western Democracies don’t, and that is a body of overseers; a group of individuals with ultimate power of decision, but who do not participate directly-in theory-in governance itself.

And their role is to guarantee that the underlying tenets of their theocracy do not drift into distortion, perversion, and ultimate insolvency according to the founding values and mores of their political-religious tradition.

And their function is to guard, at the highest level of contemplation and executive power of intervention, that this form of insolvency should never eat into the heart of governance and of society itself.

Except for Supreme Courts, Western Democracies don’t conceptually allow for overseeing bodies with a real power of decision, and that are beyond the fervors and whims of the popular vote.

And, ultimately, there exists no possibility of moral judgment over the evolution of society itself-and no legitimate means of modifying-correcting-the direction society ultimately takes-even if that direction is negative according to certain criteria, or even if it leads to a methodical, market-driven self-extinction as the humanistic and democratic insolvency of that very society.

But to say that there is no oversight in US Democracy, for instance, is not exactly accurate.

And you will argue that there is and has always been-and always will be-government for the people, by the people.

But I say to you that people-the common man as consumer, and especially as the masses-don’t always know better, or know what is really good for them, just as children can’t always know, either.

And sometimes it is necessary to force people to do things they don’t like, resist, oppose-and even refuse to do-just like it is necessary in regards to children, also!

But you cannot ever aspire to be a responsible father in American politics because the only way to get elected is by appearing always to give the people what they want, not necessarily what is in their-all our-true best interest.

But still, and in spite of this, you cannot say there is no overall systemic, political-and even social oversight in US Pentagon Democracy.

But it is crypto, off the record, classified and never made explicit as official policy.

For it is completely undemocratic in this sense; its concerned only with an undisputable and permanent position of the dominance of business and corporations and it is run entirely in the detriment of overall society, which the true shadow masters only understand as a Cosmology of profit and efficiency as life as exclusively within a a consumer context.

And the present insolvency in which we live, from the standpoint of quality of life, social justice and human reason itself, is called a Democracy only because we are not allowed to call it anything else!

The owners of mainstream media in the US, after all, see no need to change the name of the system we are living under.

So, neither do you, for the most part!

But I say we need an Ayatollah-somebody who has, from the highest point of intellectual and systemic social-political contemplation, the ability to guard and defend the underlying principals of human dignity within the concept of Democracy-and who is also empowered to act as the great righter of infringements; as the corrector of errors and wrongs;

Somebody with a rat-like cunning and the ability to smell, a mile off, all forms of small-mindedness and irrational imposition of some over others in detriment to human dignity;

A person who applies reason to his vision, not just the logic of technical thought, for human reason implies moral purpose-human purpose itself-with regards to what life should really be about, at its highest level of plenitude, love and respect for others;

A person whose intellectual methodology-and not only powers of empirical observation-lead all of us, finally to a society that does in fact have an answer to the question, Is it fair that Rockefeller’s dog lives better than 70 percent of society itself*-because it in fact asks itself the very question!

But you needn’t look further for a candidate.

I‘ve already taken the job, myself!

In fact, it was given to me sometime ago by those who have the power to do so.

And you know whom I mean!

But as I like to say, don’t look for me in church (or at the mosque!)


The Orange Ayatollah of Washington DC (formerly of Bethesda)


*This is from a -in my mind-vague memory of the words (approximately) of the economist, Samuelson who used this example to illustrate to his undergraduate students the difference between scientific-technical and moral visions of human problems; and that all things technical, scientific and empirical, exclude-because they are technical-moral judgement. But I disagree: science becomes a danger to humanity when it is not under the control of human reason-and reason implies a morally weighted purpose-and you gotta be, as well as a scientist, an intellectual to exercise the science of human reason-not just super technicians with no moral concern-or even understanding-of the nature and ultimate purpose of their work.

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