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June 18, 2013

And so we hear, in open congressional hearings, his words about “getting it right”, “so that I get this exactly right” and “I want to get this right so the American public understands” and “I’ll need to get back to you on that, so that I can get those figures exactly right”…

And he talks about getting it right-and he states that that is exactly what he is doing-but he never really delivers-never simply shows that he is getting it right instead of just talking about getting it right.

And now it appears that he is just, simply, lying.

Although this is clearly-in my perception, anyway-because of the fact that I do not trust him-and psychologically this is because of his failed strategies of delivery in the contradiction he is weighed down by regarding what he talks about and what he actually accomplishes through his words in the perception of the listener.

And I am most put off by the perception that he is talking down to me.

And confusion grows tighter in its hold over me because of this communicative distortion I am faced with-and I am more and more demoralized by how mediocre theses people appear to be.

But is clear now, for the general public, that some external, publicly perceived independent body needs to conform what these generals, former senators and “experts” are telling us.

That seems to be overwhelmingly clear, at this point.

Am getting this right?

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