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June 19, 2013


And the Schopenhauer hoard of 70 human generations-cleansing themselves only to sweat and defecate anew-and fretting, since 1850, over their household collection of material objects, as their teeth rot on regardless of whatever newfangled dental hygienic application as product they used before going to bed, day after day-until they finally expired definitively as living organisms.

And into this world-or behind it-were born the likes of Procter and Gamble who managed the development, production and delivery of all the material products the Shoppenhour hoard sought as forms of comfort in answer to needs of a most physically vital nature.

And Procter and Gamble as the janitors of the human pigsty and it is voracious, feces producing hoard at its most primary level-would have been fine, in my opinion, if they had remained what they simply are: the bedpan suppliers of humanity as shit tossing stable boys, despite the company’s decades of amassing financial capital.

But this is not what happened.

And from janitor they-and what they symbolize-rose up in their arrogance to purchase a de facto position of back stage assmaster of consumer society humanity.

And gradually were the higher functions of man steadily snuffed out of society all together as the janitor-stable boys organized and secretly-or at least undemocratically-proposed to limit, once they had understood that they were indeed the true owners of society in a financial sense, any threat that would potentially dislodge them from their perch of control and dominance.

And in their ignorance they demanded also social recognition-and because of the insecurity and sense of inferiority they lived in as hatred towards all things liberal-and especially towards anything intellectually complex-most of all towards intellectuals themselves and all they could not understand or had no sensitivity to.

And in their quest for what money is not supposed to be necessarily able to buy-social recognition and general moral esteem-they had the radical, problematic and subversive elements of society removed.

And they did it over time-and they did it by seducing through material comfort the mass of consumers, by playing exactly on their needs-and they did it through gradually eliminating in the spirit of consumers even the smallest flame of real intellectual vitality, of true curiosity and the very possibility of real individual criteria.

And it happened also because others simply stood aside and let them have their way.

But there was a time-in the 1960s-when nobody wanted to actually be an MBA except for a very few-and then came a time where, suddenly, the social esteem of the MBA became a commodity itself, and everybody wanted to be themselves an MBA.

And we live, now in the United States, in a time where YOU HAVE TO HAVE AN MBA to live a dignified life of material comfort-a time in which there is no other personal reference for people except their professions and money itself.

But the USGLC as global, closet assmaster of the mindfuck and merciless economic exploitation that only transvestites itself as morally concerned for the people that it holds in the intellectual-vital bondage of consumer society, shows no remorse or misgivings whatsoever.

And it plays on in it’s social void of MBA managed small-mindedness as the human policy itself of the techno-military state of Pentagon Democracy.

And now I have stumbled upon you as the living legacy of the Lewis F. Powell Memorandum!

And you are the Death Star itself, baby!

But here is what I say:

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