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June 20, 2013


1) But I am forced by circumstances-ultimately-and directly by me superiors to incorporate factors of a non numerical nature in my contemplation of society, social systems, culture and the vital-existential context in which man lives-context that for most, and especially for current world power, puts solely the material need of consumers at its core.

And global world order, currently and because of this impossibility on the part of power to understand more complex, non numerical or statistical phenomena, is and really has always been a schizophrenic cultural mechanism of subjugation-both psychologically of the individual and collectively as human vital context of structural exploitation of the consumer and his material need.

Religion as spiritual desire for expanse and a truly weighted moral life-and even the raising of children themselves, become, in the end a form of accessory components that only serve to make life within consumer society simply more bearable for individuals and the true, vital emptiness they must endure as captives.

And the social machinery of techno-military consumer society rule grinds on into nowhere as future-simply from day to day, and on and on.

And it is schizophrenic in how it is anchored and held in check-and this is its crypto heart as functional support-in that the psychological complexities of the individual are not in fact measurable-according to your current technology and scientific capacity and vision-as quantifiable, numerical values.

And the same can be said in regards to your understanding of culture itself.

And because the science of the techno-military corporate state that hides behind democracy cannot empirically contemplate phenomena of a more intellectually complex nature, this phenomena is disregarded;

But because it never goes away-and because it remains as a tacit and secret-crypto-structural circumstance-it ends up as a silent structural partner that cryptically determines strictly empirical-but unreasoned-science itself.

Because this science-the science of 20th century American academia-was born of a strictly utilitarian, market approach to its elaboration and ultimate application.

And since its beginning, if you can pay for it, you can have it.

And from a praticle standpoint of technical imposition as commercial exploitation it is certainly worth it-if you can afford it.

But as corporations, of course, you have the capital behind you to be able to afford it-to end up, in the end, owning science and research itself.

But the schizophrenia at the heart of culture-but particularly at the core of world consumer society as the existential americana of life, currently, is due to the cultural schizophrenia of Anglo-Saxon, Puritan man-to the sexual and vital repression at the heart of the WASP.

And in his physio-psychological drive to not be at the mercy of his natural mammalian nature-in his feces, bodily orifices, sweat, tears and semen-that remains steadfast in his interior, he interacts with reality, above all, in a strategy of control and imposition; imposition over everything-and everyone-he can, for this imposition in itself is a form of perceived control-and ultimately, of psychological comfort.

But, historically, it has been at a hell of cost, wouldn’t you say?

And we live, it would seem, life as dumfounded children before a world of crypto darkness-of closet corruption, violence and non rational, predatory explosions of murder and inflicted suffering.

But this is what happens when you live in denial.

And because you are unable to deal with the real nature of things, this reality ends up dealing with you.

And all that remains is for somebody to come along and turn it into a business model.

And business models as the management of measurable things are one of the greatest mechanisms of denial known to man.

And even when you can’t really measure something, if you simply just figure out a way to manage it, this creates the illusion that it is in fact measurable and under your control.

Even if you know, deep down, that it really isn’t.

But you have to make sure your clients as consumers never figure that out for themselves!

Just ask Pfizer and the American pharmaceutical industry-they’ll tell you exactly what I mean!

2)How then am I to sell my wares?

How I am to exist within consumer society; how I am to be financially responsible when what I produce and my very voice are the product of the contemplation of what constitutes your internal phantoms that, because of your incapacity to rationally understand-or even recognize them, you live condemned to life as a never ending, circular and diachronic hell ride into the future?

Why would you pay for somebody to tell you that the intrinsic essence of the social structure you live subjugated to, will never allow you to treat other human beings in a truly humane way?

You would rather give your money-even millions of dollars-to a charity that essentially reinforces the social structure you live in and thereby avoid the terrifying (but exhilarating!) trauma of long awaited release as psychological truth, than give it to me!

This is why, obviously, I do not depend financially on you!

And the question for you, then, is what would you see us do with consumer society itself?

See the problem we as Orange are faced with?

Because we are not going to allow you to continue on in the life mode and within the social structures that you currently depend on.

Have you not actually asked yourself what is really happening, as of 2007, to world economic order?

But this is ultimately for your own good.

Because we know better-don’t forget.

But I got to be able to eat, people!

You see what I’m sayin?

Somebody got to take care of me!

That’s how important I am.

And I will always need somebody to manage things-have no fear of that!

But-as you can see-I am the one who marks the parameters in which you operate.

Because right now you are not qualified for my job.

Let me know when I can pick up my check:


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