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June 22, 2013


And the problem is the power instrument of a semiotic dichotomy of good and evil in the perception of the American public.

And the power structure always goes ultimately to public perception as the safe guard to its own permanence-because, after all, it is still a democracy of sorts in its essence.

And the Pentagon cannot back the side that it really wants to support in the war, that is to say, Syria as the Bashar government itself-because behind Bashar is Russia, and behind Bashar is especially Iran.

Because if Pentagon[Obama] democracy supported an ally of Iran, the basic logic that subjugates American pubic opinion-that Pentagon Democracy itself works hard to renew again and again in the minds of people-would fall apart.

And with it so would the current geopolitical structure of the Western World as the Pentagon sees it.

This is how important the control of pubic perception is.

Why it is worth so much, in economic terms and politically-and as a justification to slander, persecute, and harass journalists or other opposing cultural or intellectual voices.

But unlike Stalin’s Russia, for example, what is most threatening to the corporations of Pentagon Democracy is cultural dissidence, not really political-people who question the spirit of consumer society life, the dominance by corporations of political reality and the wants and desires of people exclusively as consumers.

Because it is clear in an aggregate sense that overall revenue for corporations would decline if people had been able to value more abstract, higher-and nobler-concepts of beauty, art and vital-intellectual expanse, before the final death slide of consumer society now to the bottom of the ocean floor began in 2007 or 2008.

And it is ultimately aggregate corporate revenue that Pentagon Democracy fought so hard for in the mind and soul of its own citizens through its tales of fear, death and destruction.

And in the end the patriots won-and they saved us all!

So we could just keep on working to keep on shopping.

Or that’s the way the pentagon psychiatrists and semiotic experts saw it, anyway.

I hope they truly enjoyed their steak and beer, at the poolside grill over at the country club!

(The couple of times I was there I really didn’t-to be honest-didn’t care much for the company of the people who were there!)

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