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July 6, 2013




1)There is absolutely no trace of personal information about the writer George Thayer, author of:

British Political Fringe: A Profile (1965)

The Farther Shores of Politics: The American Political Fringe (1967)

The War Business: The International Trade in Armament (1969)

Who Shakes the Money Tree? American Campaign Financing Practices from 1789 to the Present (1974)


2) The vision of the Kennedy-Johnson Administration as understood through the newspapers and speeches of the day (which now belong to mostly private databases) was heavily-intensely-committed to the betterment of education as a way of dealing with the urgent problem of a kind of American apartheid with regards to the social-economic situation of black people and their relationship with US society overall; but this vision is completely buried under a hagiographic treatment on internet of Kennedy and Vice President Johnson as just essentially anti-communist heroes. And the supreme moral mettle of Senator Johnson is entirely absent behind the officialdom façade of great society, post-Kennedy civil rights, and a tragic presidential hero of the Vietnam era.


3) Monsignor Escriva de Balaguer (1902-1975) and the Opus Dei: to understand the historical significance of this Catholic sect it becomes imperative to understand the personal history and psychology of its founder, Escriva de Balaguer-but there is not the slightest mention-anywhere on internet-of the extensive trip he made to some European countries-at least France and Germany-and probably England-in his youth. For it was there that he saw the industrial might of countries that were much less Catholic in a real social sense-and it was exactly this that he wished to import from the Protestant, non-catholic world, the Protestant work ethic and the spirit of Capitalism, thus fortifying in a most brazenly nationalistic sense his beloved patria, the agricultural and technically backward Spain of that time. I am sure he believed God would not have it any other way when he finally got his epiphany!


Should I give the NSA a call?

Or run this by Snowden?

I’ll let you know.

To be continued…

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