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July 7, 2013


And the morally committed-those who seek to live in truth and beauty and for the justice and humanness of humanity-were forced, ultimately, out of the center of world power-both in the leftest world of historical revolution-but most especially in regards to the world pillar of capitalist commerce itself.

And as of the 1950s, when the non-judicial, undemocratic power of capital began to formally erect itself as the true shadow master of humanity and world societies, it was only gradually that the very spirit of truth and moral rectitude as, above all, human dignity itself was left to progressively wane.

But while it endured it was the true crimson heart of the possibility of collective, human decency and as such it held in check the permanent simian drive of man as the impetus behind science and the finance of technology-always overseen by western militaries and their intelligence apparatus.

And the world techno-military state of the likes of Thatcher, Reagan and Mulroney eventually morphed into the current, all pervasive Advertizing State of consumer society as Pentagon World Democracy, once the social clout and authority of progressive, libertarian thought finally chafed, cracked and disintegrated entirely right before our eyes.

And this course is easily traceable, for example, in English language popular music and the shift in its coordinates since the end of the 1990s;

In a socially perceptible resurgence of sorts of Disciplinary Society drive in individuals towards obedience on all levels-and away from independent and autonomous logical deduction;

In the need people now have of fear as a form, in the end, of collective psychological security;

And it was Capitalism’s greatest promise that is also its supreme and mortal flaw and that served as the underlying motor of the demise of humanity itself as collective, historical and anthropological experience: comfort.

Comfort above all as the imposition of complacency and moral mediocrity as social, institutional and cultural modes;

The drive for comfort as individual and collective life mode that-as a form of comfort itself-shunned the real contemplation of the moral implications of basing social stability, in a permanent structural and systemic sense, on the subjugation of the greater part of society in favor of the other.

And what had always been shunned and avoided out of a sense of moral discomfort and mild psychological affliction, turned itself into a form of permanent denial on the part of those who hold high places.

And even their charity proposals and philanthropic efforts reveal themselves as most self-serving, in essence.

And yes: this was a course that was elaborated, developed and laid before you by my superiors.

But you took it.

You took it through a sense of self that had always remained –from your standpoint- inviolate.

And you cannot shirk, because of this, your own sense of personal responsibility, to whatever degree.

The good news is that with this new state of knowledge that has been forced upon you, you are free to react-to amend or adjust your personal, moral stance in life.

Although you still have the option to consider me and all I bear as preposterous-and continue on as you see fit.

And I am sure it would be much easier for you if you were to behold in broad day light, a blue sky and its entire horizon that suddenly changed its hue, for all to see;

Or some example of the de facto control of human metabolism-of all biological life on Earth-that I speak of.

And the reason this is has not been done, for now, is that it would in fact destroy, in a certain sense, the very possibility of your moral freedom, for you would now yourself to be subjugated in fact by a superior force.

And your natural tendency would to be obedience, much like a dog, or any mammal; but obedience is not freedom.

Not for human beings, anyway.

You must first define yourself-this is the nature of our game.

Before we reveal ourselves to you*:


*Although if you ask around you might find a few people who have undergone or witnessed one of our little reprimands-and it ain’t pretty.


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