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July 8, 2013


And the manufacturers of pop American intellectual production-forgive the redundancy!-are like the Furies breathing down your neck when it comes to the term and concept of Post-modernism.

But at least they are very, very funny in how they go about their muck racking of structuralism, DE-constructivism and Marx as anthropologist and meta-historian!

The rest of the world, however, has never been able to really laugh at this.

And thank God-as it were-for that!

And here is what you say to an American TV host or academic who may try to push and humorously critique you into a the corner of the post-WWII European-but mostly French-philosophers as circus clowns:

What really drives you-my fair Sir- is your fear of displeasing your societal and corporate masters and the monetary anathema you would have to live in if you were caught flashing publicly your Marxist genitalia as your corporal “junk”.

And how truly absurd it is to say that one is Post- whatever without really defining that which you have moved on into!

And there is not even a name for what comes, theoretically, after Modernism except just Post-modernism.

And it is popularly understood that even so-called Post-Modernists can’t really tell you what Post-modernism is.

But here is one who can:

And it is with your laughter that I begin, for indeed it’s a gas, gas, gas to purport to vitally go beyond what are the physiological and psychological limits of the human soul as defined, paradoxically, by human corporality.

And yet, it is paramount that you do, that man’s proper vital life mode be one of praxis*, projection and transformation at a most personal and individual level.

For it is only from the forward point of non-satisfaction, praxis and self-betterment that one is able to contemplate one’s natural, limited essence-by in fact overcoming it!

And surprise, surprise: we are back to Heidegger’s Dasein .

And FYI: Dasein is the real possibility of a Descartes Man, unmediated now by the fear of death as life itself.

For without Dasein all you got is Nietzsche and the will of man as simian to power, always and unfailingly to power and imposition over others.

And yes, there is an element of absurdity in this: meaning is necessarily a dichotomy for the human mind, but dichotomies must be broken!

Continuums are pulverized dichotomies.

And the betterment of people requires that these dichotomies are in fact crushed by the individual, who obviously needs to live in a social medium that also demands this.

Even though in the mind of man, in his physiological and psychological nature as mettle, hot/cold, light/darkness, hungry/satisfied, pain/comfort, etc will never-ever-leave us.

But you have to understand that.

This is what makes you circumspect.

And no: you will never leave Summit either, just like Nick Adams; but it is not the hired assassins from Chicago that you really have to worry about.

You have to worry about me.

And you can picture me as something of a Special Forces transsexual in an orange thong.

And I have just finished my coffee at the counter in Henry’s lunchroom.

And life begins for you when I kick your ass!


Link to Hemingway’s The Killers, a truly Post-modern theorization as practical handbook, at the height-so they say-of Modernism:

*I use the term Praxis in the sense Paulo Freire originally used it as a ‘transformation of one’s reality’, and not just the hands-on, practical exercising of a methodology or profession.

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