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July 10, 2013

Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2013 10:12:16 +0000



Due to recent events we consider that the freedom and openness narrative of Internet that still partially lingers in the general public’s ken is on now on the verge of being totally erased, and that it may not be wise to take for granted that out of the general human apathy of comfort, people just resign themselves to knowing that they are being systematically and permanently lied to by the de facto shepherds of society, but continue on resigned to a now faux enthusiasm for horizontal progress, technology and the promise of all things Apple.

It is paramount-do not forget-to maintain and reinforce in the public’s perception of Internet as something that, although safe and manageable enough for commerce, is still somehow beyond our total control; and this illusion in the mind of individuals is exactly what makes plausible that Internet should never be under overt judicial control, but rather dictates an essentially shadow force of oversight-and the public’s psychologically tacit acceptance of just this.

Of course a central component of this planetary scale illusion in regards to Internet is as a space, not only of potential anarchy but also of freedom and a sort of unfettered personal realization: in a semiotic sense it should be an epic narrative of the ambivalence of man and the human soul, of all that is both positive and sinisterly detrimental in regards to individual freewill.

See the problem?

If the freedom of Internet is eventually understood as just an elaborate sales pitch as hype, in the minds of people we will be back to square one; and they will find themselves eventually mumbling the line from a Who song: Meet the new boss, the same as the old boss.

And finally, what will end up taking form as a solid thought-conviction even-in their minds is this: And why isn’t this boss subject to the same rules and judicial oversight as all the others-at least formally?

It should not be necessary for us to remind you that this would mean the total demise of our current operational mode and parameters-but here is the reminder anyway: quite quickly the question of real international law as judicial oversight what pop on to the scene-and not just in regards to the transfer of funds-and with that we would find ourselves before the abyss and its moon-lit expanse to the infinite.

For the question of the nation-state itself would then be on the coroner’s slab, open wide for analysis and a most minute inquiry.

And what kind of defense budget assignations are we going to get in a context like that?


A more precise use of cookies could be implemented to strategically control Internet users as members of predetermined, non-gratis groups; cookies delivered to said users could prevent them from accessing also predetermined web sites.

The point of this would be a de facto control over certain ideologically or socially inconvenient user groups that would limit and curtail their access to different types of areas and information, while not preventing or restricting in anyway the generally more docile and unquestioning mass of users-consumers at large.

A simple example to illustrate this would be a page, for instance, like this one:

In this way the flaunting of a curriculum vitae the likes of Dinkel’s would still be public, but for specific people who would then feel the need to ascertain the exact nature of the connection between FedResults-CA Technologies-Dinkel and Pierce Capital Partners, access to the following page would be impeded:

We would suggest that cookies designed to this end could even be search-engine sensitive so that such non gratis user groups would themselves be opaque to architectural sensitive material, but without the need of more opaqueness on our part and of the internet itself-at least in the minds of the general public.

To this end, the maintaining and reinforcement as illusion of a semiotic gremlin or ghost in the machine as a lingering technical fallibility of computer systems in general, would also be essential.


-Permanent onslaught of mindless email spamming

phising schemes

black ops identity theft

-Subtly understood permanent vulnerability of FaceBook (BUT NOT ONLY TO LAW ENFORCEMENT!)

-The predominance, because of its vulnerability, of Windows operational system.

Cyber threat as hype

All of these points serve to conjure, as discussed in this text, the ambivalence of Internet as the chief semiotic tool of inoculation against, ultimately, the overt and public judicialization of the whole of Cyber Space.

Stay hard, and keep America, America!

Consultant: Agent Orange


(Post Datum: We will soon be needing payment for our services-you have to admit this last one is a real beauty! We will be sending somebody to pick up a check-you’ll be hearing from us shortly on this particular aspect.)


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