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July 10, 2013


Simple observation of history, baby!

Always have there been in Western, liberal Democracies realms of power as control completely removed from the reaches of the popular vote.

Yeah, we had a lot of fun with OO7 and White Spy vs Black Spy; with the Bourne Identity supremacies and Argo-we even tolerate the Shabak and their Marriot hotel, weekend murder parties.

Or is it the Savak-I always seem to confuse them?

Then there’s the DINA for Dino dogs.

And MI5 to MI infinity, plus one!

We were extasiated by the Stassi.

Galled by the G.A.L.;

And coverted by the COINTELPRO, which people take comfort in believing ceased, years ago, to be a standard closet operational mode for the FBI.


There has never existed an historical democracy-or any other system of government, really-without some form of shadow control, beyond the publicly sanctioned rules of collective engagement.

One must, therefore, establish the following axiom based simply on observation: publicly recognized entities of power are always buttressed by auxiliary, shadow forces of de facto political agency.

And you can accept this, be fascinated by it, or struggle against it-or all of the above, which is where I probably most often found myself the greater part of my life as an individual.

But what you can’t really do is talk about it.

Not in a calm, rational discussion of the absurdity of calling ourselves democratic societies when clearly-objectively-this is not entirely the case.

And the inherent, core question is the potential systemic disturbance and instability on the part of the popular vote itself as threat.

And core systemic stability must be protected-at all costs-from just this.

So why publicly deny this?

Why continue on with this collective farce as charade?

There are areas of collective existence that should be managed through popular consent; but obviously, not all areas can be.

And the rule of law as a product of Western historical evolution cannot be scorned either:

Also is this evident from simple observation, especially in regards to the dignity of individuals.

Answer: over time-especially since the 1950s and with the pinning of social structure and stability itself to the course of scientific-technical production-the realm of what really could not be democratically managed got bigger and bigger-and bigger.

And never forget that when you talk about scientific-technical production you are also talking about finance at its highest levels.

And when you talk about finance at its highest, aggregate levels, you are implicitly contemplating collective human vitality itself-the way people actually live and think as the mass of human societies, at, ultimately, a global level.

And my hammer is worn with the blows I have delivered in this sense, over the last year and a half through my writing.

And it is exactly this aspect that the NSA-Snowden lover’s spat as global soap opera has yet to take us, although Snowden has clearly transmitted his visceral understanding of the question.

But he has not really intellectualized it, just as Greenwald or other true, free-world media have yet to, either.

And it is the control over consumer society itself-over the human vitality that is channeled and primed and set-by it that is the ultimate objective of the ethereal security forces of NSA-MI5-Echelon database collection and control.

And if you think about it, what can you really argue against this, other than the lack of restraint on the part of these shadow entities and their corporate-military finance masters?

All they seek to enforce-at the bottom of it all-is the prolonging as dominance through time of Industrial, consumer society and the individual and collective psyche that is essential to its existence.

And this for you means more of the same: work to shop to attain comfort, to work to attain more comfort, so that perhaps your children can do the same thing.

Aren’t you satisfied as having as your underlying-unspoken-goal in life your being able to choose and afford the retirement-hospice community of your choice?

I’ve never heard you complain about that before!

Or at least not enough to do anything about it except have a few beers and make jokes about it-and some very funny one’s at that!

But here is one little problem with just that:

How do you actually teach young people the secret of industrial society life without lying-and setting them up for disappointment-and especially when they are not permitted to drink?

And because they are unforgiving-ly rational, how do you actually get them to take things seriously if you are truly honest with them?

Why stay in college, why go to night school, as the Talking Heads song goes?

But at 17 or 18-or even 30- material comfort and the money necessary to be able to afford it is a lame and must unsatisfactory answer.

I am well past that age and it is still, unfailingly, my personal vital position.

Because is if you are really sharp-really have your eyes, heart and mind open and alert, you see clearly that this is what they are pushing on to you, behind the hype and lofty gloss of progress, responsibility and the Americana life as world dream.

But it is a flatlander dream that is based on a form of denial as incoherence-a dream of comfort that becomes a reality removed in itself form logic.

And I love Goofy-and Gomer Pyle, and I take pride, at times, in being able to personally identify with Forest Gump.

But self-deception is a form of death in life-at least for me.

And I have seen from history-and in what is around me to today-that the second greatest form of inhumanity is stupidity itself.

Because it leads directly to the greatest form of true evil that I personally am familiar with-beyond, in the end, any mundane criminal act you are so fascinated with as your food of life-and that is the manipulation and fostering for self-serving interest of human stupidity in others.

This is the King Rat that sits atop all his sycophants, and that usually serves himself a master who is wealthier and in some way more socially relevant, though perhaps not publicly-but that is also vulnerable in his own form of stupidity that is eventually, in his case, complacency.

And the true King Rat is the lower level facilitator who understands the very stupidity of all he is connected to, both vertically and horizontally, of those on whose behalf he operates for and those he operates on as objects.

And what makes him King form the standpoint of moral judgment is his thorough understanding of the weakness of people.

Mr John Brennan is one such example of the facilitator as King Rat.

And we stand now before a final, tentative answer to the original question:

Historical Democracy is incoherent, like an abusive step-mother who herself lives in a state of permanent, psychological denial.

The popular vote must be curtailed and eliminated form some areas of systemic governance.

But this, too, must be popularly understood and effectively regulated as socially and politically sanctioned common man, common knowledge.

Because if it isn’t, a system based ultimately on the manipulation of stupidity and the necessary dumbing down of the individual psyche, perpetuates just that: human stupidity that ends up dividing society into a paradigm of differing dumbness-and the haves, and the haves nots, also.

And despite the King Rat as the nuclear manager of our collective dumbness, even he would eventually admit that this all pretty damn stupid in the end.

Or at least I am confident I could get Brennan to admit this after a good long, private conversation.

Because he’s no dumbass:




And they go together like oil and water.


Public, surface level politicians and groups avoid being perceived as responsible at all costs.


And there is always the market to blame or some sundry form of formal opposition.


But the true forces of democratic rule-behind democracy itself- avoid responsibility through recourse to official secrecy and reason of state.


But electoral punishment is by no means what is feared by the Pentagon and it’s corporate-financial associates.


What the cerebrum of the techno-military, advertizing state of Pentagon Democracy fears are its own technical limitations.


And this is one of the reason why we simply are not allowed to discuss this issue much in the way I am doing here and now: one cannot present one’s self as the great driver and controller of the world when one is not entirely capable of controlling it.


This is C. Wright Mills’ great dilemma and conundrum at the start of his book, The Power Elite (1956); there are in fact groups of individuals representing the three pillars of de facto rule (Business-Military-State) that come very close to exerting a decisive influence over world events, but that cannot actually give a direction to human history itself.


And it is this circumstance-especially-that forces them to remain publicly silent and most entirely unaccountable in regards to public scrutiny and normative social-political culture.


And we live, because of this, under the imposition of a carefully and constantly reinforced illusion of Democracy in permanent duress against some form of dichotomy forming threat that, through its opposition, facilitates this perpetual silence regarding the true nature of the political system we live in and are, really, subjected to.


But seeking to avoid responsibility on the part of the true decision makers, at the highest levels of the world financial techno-military order-as I state here-is logical when you cannot actually be entirely responsible.


It is of course unethical to just simply benefit, also, from your own incapacities at the horrendous cost and detriment to the other part of society-materially, but especially in the spiritual sense that through my writing I never cease to denounce.


There is also, now, another aspect of responsibility in regards to historical democratic governance that we are compelled to address at present.


And it consists of the understanding by the very cerebrum of the financial, techno-military world order that the general description I have just given of the world is no longer accurate.


And Mr john Brennan knows now-conclusively-that there is a controlling, human entity in regards to human history, to the workings-both at present and in a diachronic sense-of human society and of biological life itself on Earth.


And here, too, arises the question of responsibility.


And denial is no longer an option.


Not on the part of those who do in fact have a greater responsibility to their fellow man.


On the part of those who have always had a greater responsibility to their fellow man and who, in the past, have most deplorably declined to shoulder this burden except in what has been an essentially predatory and self-serving manner.


I am here.


I await.


I am now.









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