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July 12, 2013

Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2013 11:12:16 +0000

Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2013 11:11:29 +0000


It is with a certain urgency that we feel the need to further advise you of the discredit and wear the figure of President Obama is suffering from the standpoint of public perception, both domestic and international.

And our concern is essentially encapsulated in Obama’s recent African adventure as a would-be Mandela figure that can only access an empty museum-prison and that should have had the decency to never have even approached the South African government with the possibility of getting a bed-side photo with the corpse-in-life of the real Nelson Mandela-anybody who true values, respects and understands the historical significance of Madiba, would never have done this-and this is easily perceptible by a great part of public opinion.

And yet the real American media importance of Obama’s trip to Africa was George Bush-incredibly!

And after some prolonged contemplation of this situation it has become clear for us that you run the risk of revealing too much about the underlying workings of American executive power-that if one thinks for awhile on the overall impressions caused by the world media’s presentation of Obama in Africa, one may quickly find oneself looking back at the last elections and even to those of 2008-and to the fact that Obama was allowed to work his magic as the genuine progressive figure of committed moral loftiness that he is, but only to get into the White House-and pull with him what is the true moral majority of American Society, only to be forced later to punch your time clock, work on and for your dime and to walk your walk albeit with a black man’s swagger.

And it was Sarah Palin who said just a few weeks ago that Obama was a campaign president-and not really a genuine sitting president; in fact it was this very comment that actually got us thinking along these lines.

And if she can see it, you know you got problems!

In fact, I personally was momentarily stricken by the urge to grab a Louisville Slugger baseball bat and take it to your skull when I first followed the logic that finally lead me to these conclusions.

But on a more professional note: we feel you are now running a critical risk of a general public understanding of Obama as puppet Democrat president as farce who actually serves a Republican Party-Pentagon agenda from inside the Oval office itself.

And if this were to continue, he ultimately is in danger of being perceived really as kind of prisoner-as a Pentagon power structure captive.

We even held our breath there for a minute thinking that he might jump ship in Tanzania and formally solicit political asylum in that country!

But we have the greatest respect for all people who find themselves in the shadow meat grinder of covert Pentagon political control-yes sir, we certainly do!

Imagine what life could be like for him and his family-especially if you show the slightest impulse of rebellion!

The first course of action is to get him smiling again-get him back to his former pizzazz and happy-but serious-lightness of state that served you so well in the past.

We feel this is critical at the present time.

You are never going to be able to force feed him-you know what I mean?

And the suicide of a sitting US president cannot not even be contemplated, although we have already developed a control scenario just in case.

Stay hard, and keep America, America!

Consultant: Agent Orange



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